Assets and real estate management in Poland

The ORUGA GROUP company provides a full range of integrated services of real estate property and assets management for legal entities. The main objective of every project is to streamline the process of real estate management, search and implementation of the most efficient and affordable solutions.

Real estate management in Poland is a rather peculiar complex of works, which implies a number of activities aimed at maintaining and improving of the condition of a real estate unit, as well as analysis of its further development. The priority is, first and foremost, establishment of smooth and sustainable operation of the facility, reduction of maintenance costs and increase of the profits gained from its operation.

The above-mentioned procedures for real estate management can be carried out both by owners of the real estate unit and professional employees. The difference is that the efficiency will be a way higher, if an appropriate specialist is involved in the procedure. In this case, the process of real estate management can be carried out continuously, timely and unhamperedly.

Implementing the integrated approach towards management any project, we work at its improvement in economic, legal and engineering terms. 

Real property management in Warsaw and other Polish cities

The service of real property management in Poland provided by Oruga Group experts is available both in the capital of Poland,  Warsaw, and other cities of Poland. 

Real estate management services:

  •   Rental management
  •   Profit management
  •   Project management
  •   Preparation and control of the signing of lease agreements
  •   Marketing
  •   Minimization and optimization of operating costs
  •   Selection of companies for janitorial services, technical operations and technical support of the building. 
  •   The solution of the object operating issues in the state structures (institutions)   
  •   Accounting
  •   Contact management with renters
  •   Control over the exploitation and conservation of buildings
  •   Technical management
  •   Financial management of real estate in Poland 
  •   Compilation and comparison of financial reports / statements
  •   Management and control of the customer's income - maximization of income

Asset management legal entities in Poland

  •  Analysis of capitalization rates
  •  Consulting for the leasing of real estate in Poland
  •  Negotiation of rates and lease arrangements
  •  Renegotiation of lease arrangements
  •  Strategic consulting
  •  Investment consulting  - when acquisition and sale of real estate in Poland

Our main goal is to optimization of  the management of real estate in Poland, the compilation of the best possible and available solutions.


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