Polish company formation is an easy way to European business

When the economy of your state is weak and doesn’t create decent conditions for entrepreneurship, you must find and consider various solutions to continue to engage in commercial activities. The company formation is a decisive step towards progress and stability. The state politic creates favourable business conditions. In the country, low requirements for enterprises relative to other EU countries.

What advantage of the Polish company formation?

If you have commercial interests and the desire to join the ranks of successful European entrepreneurs, you should know about the advantages of an office in Europe:

  1. This EU Republic has a common border with the CIS. This is an advantageous place, because it is transit. A lot of different cargo flows pass through the country. Therefore, here you can choose any direction of the business.
  2. You don’t need to become a citizen in Poland to create a company. Enterprise in Poland greatly simplifies the procedure to getting residence permit. You must have only an international passport to register a firm and open an account with any Polish bank. Non-resident corporations have the same freedoms as all other subjects of economic action of the state.
  3. The Polish government regularly improves the taxation conditions, which has a favourable effect on small and medium businesses. From the information of Eurostat 2017:
  • CIT in Poland is 19%, which is below the EU average, since the highest tax in Malta is 35% and the lowest in Cyprus is 10%;
  • Polish VAT is 23%. This is an average figure compared to 27% in Hungary and 15% in Luxembourg. In addition, the VAT refund algorithm works in Poland.
  1. You need a relatively small charter capital, which don't demand to be stored in the bank account of the corporation to company formation in this European country. 

Who will help in the Polish company formation?

If you desire to start your commercial activity in Europe without undue delay, professional help is needed. Consulting firm Oruga Group specializes in legal assistance services in the organization and development of enterprise in Europe. The employees of the firm are experienced lawyers. They will explain the subtleties of the operation in an understandable language and provide info on the required documents to opening an office. And also they will calculate the better conditions for the task, which will save time and money for you. Just call the Oruga Group to get the first professional consultation on the firm formation.


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