Business visa to Poland and its benefits

Since May 2004, the Republic of Poland has been a member of the Schengen Agreement; so when you apply for a Polish visa, you can rely on free movement within the participant countries. Today, it is an essential bonus both for foreign students, ordinary tourists and businessmen. Business visa to Poland is an ideal option for business travelers who plan to establish a new business or develop an existing one in Europe. It shall be issued on the basis of one's own business activities in Poland or in case of existing business cooperation with the Polish side. Polish business visa can be either Schengen (up to 90 days duration) or national (over 90 days); short-term (single entry) or long-term (multi-visit). There are also cases when a foreigner with a positive visa history has an opportunity to obtain a Schengen business visa for a period from two to five years, which provides for staying in Poland and the Schengen area up to 90 days every six months.

An important detail should be noted regarding the business Schengen visa to Poland: an extract from the register of Polish enterprises is sufficient for it to be issued.

Business visa to Poland - terms and conditions of issuance

According to the applicable Polish law, time period for issuing a visa is 14 days from the moment of submission of documents, but you can actually get the visa within just one week. Business visa to Poland can be opened on the grounds of various kinds of invitations from business partners or enterprises. The consulate may require an additional list of documents at its discretion (with detailed information on the host party and the person financially responsible for a foreigner's stay in Poland) included in the package to apply for a business visa to Poland.(Business immigration to Poland

According to the latest requirements of the Polish consulate, foreign persons should submit the following documents to obtain the business visa to Poland:

  • Visa application form with a photo

  • Color photo of 3.5 x 4.5cm

  • Original foreign passport and a copy of the first page

  • Internal passport and its photocopies

  • The documents confirming your purpose and length of stay in Poland

  • Original and photocopy of the insurance with a minimum cover of 30 thousand Euros, which shall be valid in all the EU countries

  • If an applicant is under-age, the package of documents shall include a written parent / guardian’s consent (original and photocopy)

  • Consular fee for documents processing (applications for national visas are considered free of charge)

  • A detailed description of all the components of documents can be found on the website of the Polish Consulate in your country.

Business visa to Poland - the price tag

Depending on the type and duration, prices of business visa to Poland range from 100 to 400 euros and this price does not include insurance costs, as well as visa and consular fees, which shall be paid separately. In most cases, the intermediaries who act as visa service providers offer their customers work permits and visa invitations, which may affect your visa history in a rather dubious way and result in deportation in the future. 

If you are willing to legally emigrate to the EU in a short time on the grounds of your own Polish business and want to be aware of the current prices on business visa to Poland (state duties), please seek the advice of Oruga Group experts and get all the information you are concerned about, as well as a coordinated plan of actions.


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