How to open company in Poland with Oruga Group?

To open company in Poland is a promising and fateful solution for every businessman who lives in the CIS. Polish state is direct access to the developed markets and stable banks of Europe. A true gift of life in Poland is security and a higher quality of life.

Earlier, about 10 -15 years ago, business in the EU was considered simply an indecent fantasy for small / medium sized entrepreneurs in Ukraine. Now opening company in Poland and other EU countries is easily achievable goal. Thanks to numerous consulting firms that specialize in legal services for formation and support of enterprises in Europe this procedure became possible. OrugaGroup is one of those companies. All employees of firm are strong lawyers, who clearly understand what to do when solving tasks of any complexity.

What are the ways to register enterprise in Oruga Group to open a company in Poland?

There are two options to register a firm in Poland:

  1. Electronic option is the ability to open a firm through the Internet.
  2. Notarial form is the formation of a company under a notarized guarantee for remote registration or a businessman should personally attend all the major stages of procedure implementation. 

To choose a worthy and convenient way you need to familiarize yourself with the features of each of the above options.

Features of company registration in Poland procedures

The option to conduct a enterprise electronic registration in Republic of Poland provides for short terms of procedure. The period for which you can open company in Poland online doesn't exceed 2 weeks. Recently, there has been an important change in Polish law. In this case, one mandatory trip to the country of registration and the personal presence of the founder to obtain an electronic signature are required.

The method of electronic registration is suitable and will be more rational for simple cases when are not needed patents, registration of equipment, special permits, etc. Through electronic method, it is not possible to edit a standard statute. Although, this is not prohibited after the official opening of the firm: during business.

Through notarial guarantee, you can open a company in Poland in any case and remotely.  It will allow you to efficiently manage your personal time. However, notarial registration of firm will take 2 times more time, i.е. almost 4 weeks.

Your participation at all stages of the formation of the company is a noble act, but unprofitable. Since, this approach doesn’t save time. In addition, you will spend much more money and nerves. The main advantage of registration in personally trips abroad is full control over the implementation of the procedure and operational opportunity make timely changes to the statutory documents.

Oruga Group specialists will able to competently advise and help to open company in Poland and other European countries.


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