How to open a company in Poland

To date, it is very easy to open a company in Poland, as there are all necessary conditions for this process in this European country. The government has established a fairly simple, clear and transparent environment in order to establish its own company and conduct business.

How to start a business in Poland

To start any business, it is important to determine for yourself what you want to do in a European country, as well as what status you want to achieve for your own company. The easiest way to do this will be:

  • carefully and thoroughly study the Polish market;
  • explore supply and demand for various goods, services;
  • learn the needs of the country's residents;
  • to identify the most profitable activities, the best location for it.

Entrepreneurs who already have sufficient experience in the submitted case, always advised to adhere to a simple principle: all you need to start with something small and concrete. For example, open a small hostel for tourists, elementary store. To develop it, and then start consistently to expand it.

The initial stage to open a company in Europe is its registration. The most important thing here is to choose the form of ownership. This is a serious point, because it depends on how to proceed to the owner of the company to act.

How to open a company in Poland with a Map of the Pole

Those who have a Card   and a visa corresponding to It, have the opportunity to conduct their business in Europe, guided by absolutely the same rights as the residents of Poland. This map opens wide prospects for those foreigners staying in the territory of the Republic of Moldova. Thanks to her you can:

  • be a private entrepreneur;
  • establish a society.

How to register a company in Poland

In order to fully open a company in Europe, it must be registered. It will take a short period: 3-14 days. The founders of the company should participate in this process. There can be several of them.

The company at the time of opening must have authorized capital of not less than 5000 zlotys. 

It is possible to register the company after entry in the judicial register which is in Economic court of Poland. When a company opens in a European country, it will be granted the status of a legal entity.

How much does it cost to open a company in Poland?

There are many solutions to this issue. If the founder of the company knows Polish well, it is possible to register the company via the Internet for an approximate cost of  1300 euro. Through an intermediary it will cost about 1200 euro, and with the help of a notary – from 2000 euros.


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