Permits and licenses for business in Poland

As stated in the Polish law on freedom of economic activity ("Ustawa z dnia 2 lipca 2004 r. o swobodzie działalności gospodarczej"), commercial activity of foreigners in Poland can be both carried out on an equal footing with indigenous inhabitants of the Republic and limited by certain provisions of the law. Unlimited activities can be carried out by the persons who have got:

  • Pole’s card
  • A permanent residence permit
  • EU resident’s status 
  • Refugee’s status

Foreign citizens who do not belong to the first category can also conduct business activity on the territory of the Republic, but only in the format of the following organizations:

  • Partnership in commendam
  • Limited joint-stock company
  • LLC
  • Joint-stock company

Business licensing in Poland is also one of the methods of state regulation of entrepreneurial activity, but this measure relates only to some business sectors. So before you set up your own business in Poland, you need to find out whether it is subject to licensing or not. After all, having taking care of licensing of the company in Poland in advance, you can avoid production stops and loss of time in the future.

The specific character of the industry you are involved in as an entrepreneur also depends on the type of the permit issued, time and cost of the procedures. The license to conduct business in Poland may be represented by such documents as permits, concessions, licenses, agreements and registration. You will need these administrative solutions if you plan to develop your business in the following areas:

Motor and railway transport (inside and outside the country);

  • Tourism services;
  • Banking, brokerage, insurance, investment services;
  • Employment agencies;
  • Real estate transactions;
  • Production and sale of alcoholic and tobacco products;
  • Gambling;
  • Pruduction of medicines;
  • Detective services;
  • Telecommunications, etc. 

In all there are nearly 300 varieties of activities that require a permit/license stipulated by the Polish law.

  • Licenses and Permits in Poland

    You can consult regarding the necessity of this measure and obtain Polish licenses to conduct business both online and in the representative office of Oruga Group.


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