Investment immigration to Europe and its advantages

If you want to conduct business abroad, in particular, in the European Union, you, of course, can be attributed to visionary and progressively thinking businessmen. To date, it is the euro area that is able to offer foreigners the largest range of opportunities for profit. It can be a profit both from conducting a different kind of business (economic, commercial), and income from investments.

In recent years, immigration under the investor's program is becoming the most relevant for the foreign business sector, because the EU countries are able to offer a lot of profitable projects for financial injections. Another reason for the popularity of immigrant investor programs is the opportunity to root in any corner of the European Union, because each of the allied states encourages investors for financial support to the local economy with benefits for residence permit, permanent residence, and citizenship.

For today in Europe to open the business is more favorably, than inside of the native country because of:

  • Wide range of business activities;
  • Wide range of projects for investment immigration;
  • The opportunity to buy real estate and transport for the needs of the enterprise at a bargain price;
  • Flexible and understandable tax system;
  • The opportunity to move to Europe and with your family;
  • The right to conduct business without restrictions throughout the European Union;
  • High consumer capacity due to the high living standards of the EU population;
  • Political and economic stability.

The power and unity of the participating countries serve as the best guarantee against costs for the foreign investor. 

The procedure of immigration by investment to Europe: what is the specifics?

In order to maximize all your opportunities in Europe, you need to attract professionals from the local business sphere, who know from inside all the intricacies of interaction between the immigrant and the state. Specialists of the Oruga Group will help you to prepare properly the documents for immigration and to choose the object of investment in rational way. We will support you both during the move and at the time of adaptation in the EU.

At the initial stages we will advise you on all the current European investor immigration programs, the process of obtaining a visa, as well as the requirements that a foreign investor must meet. Depending on the country, the EU has various rules for issuing residence permits and permanent residency, from our specialists you will also be able to find out how is it possible to get residence and citizenship by making investments.

Investor immigration: why is the participation of a professional so important?

Undoubtedly, there are many ways to go abroad, but the only one can be guaranteed successful and expedient, that is based on careful analysis and preparation. Thanks to our experience, we help our clients to make the right decision regarding different investment projects. And the correctness of your decision is that the choice, made according to the recommendations of the experts of the Oruga Group, will open to you in the future the best prospects for business, education, travel, etc.

Need to get investor visa? Connect our representatives to get full information and professional advice for free.



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