Investment immigration to Europe

Nowadays, the European Union is a commonwealth of twenty-eight states that despite their individual national characteristics, have been able to create a coherent, effective system of interaction and to achieve economic unity. Thanks to this unity, the concept of "Eurozone" all over the world is associated with stability and reliability.

The European Union is the alliance of strong, influential countries with a common parliament, currency and central bank. In other words, all the countries - allies work as a single mechanism with generally accepted rules, which is especially beneficial for foreign entrepreneurs. Favorable is as investment activity in particular, and commercial activities in general - because if you established a business in one European region, you can freely develop it in others.

Immigration by investment is one of the easiest and most profitable way to move to the EU and establish a business there.

The open and loyal policies of European countries allow foreigners to reveal their business potential through financial injections into the EU economy. Both sides benefit from this format of interaction - you help to develop local enterprises, the state encourages your contribution and gives you a citizenship. To move through the immigrant investor program, it is not necessary to invest in your own business and start a company from scratch, you can invest in existing European projects, become a co-owner of a European company, or purchase a ready-made company.

Investor immigration with Oruga Group

The process of immigration through investment in European business is practically devoid of bureaucracy and paper hassle, but it still takes time and effort. That is why the preparation of documents must be entrusted to experienced professionals. With our help, you can not only get an investor visa and settle comfortably in the EU, but also get qualified support at all stages of your adaptation abroad. Following all established rules through investments, you will be able to obtain the status of a resident of the EU, residence permit, permanent residence and subsequently a passport of a European citizen. With its presence you will be able to travel without restrictions to the territory of the whole European Union, to live in any corner of it, to receive education, to conduct business, etc.

Since different countries have different investor programs, they also issue visas on various terms. To do this, a foreign citizen must meet the established criteria (the presence of a certain amount in the bank account, the minimum amount of investment and other). For acquaintance with the nuances of the investment program on immigration in the EU, you can contact representatives of the Oruga Group.

Undoubtedly, investment immigration promises a lot of great prospects. And only after looking at the situation from a professional point of view, you will be able to find out the full range of opportunities that you have. Permanent practice in the immigration field allows us to be aware of political events and legislative updates. And since we are the best informed, we can offer you the best immigration program, that will be the most cost-effective option personally for you.

If you are interested in a investment immigration to EU and You have questions about this procedure and about every single step of this process, we will be glad to tell You about it in details. You can also send an e-mail to an address in the "contacts".


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