How to Invest in Poland

Poland is one of the most suitable countries for doing business and investing. In addition, the country is on the list of the top entrepreneurs of the countries of Europe for the implementation of the business. Plus, this is the friendliness of the poles, the richness of local nature and culture. From this country, indigenous people often go to work in other countries of Europe, in consequence of which many jobs in enterprises and opportunities for investment are released.

The Polish 38 million market is one of the largest markets in the European Union. And it has a number of reasons:

1. Advantageous location of the country (center of Europe);

2. Poland is located at the intersection of the main transport routes, which allows you to export to anywhere in the world and get a million consumers;

3. A large number of trading partners (China, Russia, Ukraine, England, France, etc.).

Also, the economy is greatly influenced by the fact that a lot of universities are opened and the number of students, along with their ambitions, increases annually. And among these students, about 40% are foreigners who eventually remain in the country for further investment and business development.

So why is it worth investing in Poland? The answer is simple: the least likely to ruin the case. During the global crisis, when each country's economy deteriorated significantly – Poland's economy remained at the same level and its GDP grew every year. Also, it is the banks Poland has very favorable conditions for foreign entrepreneurs. This still allows you are not afraid of risk "burn-out" and properly consider the matter. Investments in Poland and reasons to develop business in Poland:

1. As mentioned earlier-the economy of the state is developed, and most importantly-stable;

2. Densely populated region of the European Union (38 million inhabitants);

3. Since 2006, the minimum and average wages have increased by 60%;

4. Poland will always be supported and financed by the European Union, which is manifested in the construction of architecture and new transport lines;

5. The location of the country itself already enables trade and exports.

Poland investment opportunities for foreign companies are primarily, the possibility of free investment in a free economy. Zone (SEZ). In the country of such zones – 14: areas for conducting agricultural business, areas for large enterprises, etc. of the SEZ offers investors to enter into a contract for tax credits and benefits, prepared for the enterprise earth.

Poland is one of the most beautiful countries for tourists. The richness of nature, the attractiveness of the landscape and a huge selection of recreation centers. Tourists are attracted to the prospects of the rest: swimming in the sea, sailing in the lakes, skiing, climbing, etc. At the same time, the architecture of Poland cannot fail to attract. A variety of historical monuments, buildings in an unusual style of different eras, and a long fascinating history of Polish culture and language.

Relying on all this – invest in Poland boldly, because in any case it will be crowned with success.


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