How to get Poland residence permit?

Poland residence permit confirms identity of foreigners during their stay in the country. The card allows working, living and provide business activity in Poland and in addition, gives you a possibility to travel freely through Schengen area. This document also enables multi-visit Polish border crossing.

Forms of Poland residence permit

There are three types of residence permit for foreigners in Poland (first 3 months you may live there without registration): 

  1. Temporary residence permit (TRP). Appropriate for persons who want to stay in Poland for up to three years. This permit is not prolonging automatically. Every 3 years you have to obtain new TRP. 

  2. Permanent residence permit. This permit is valid for 10 years and must be replaced every ten years. You’re prohibited to work in any other country if you have a current permit.

  3. Long-term EU residence permit. This permit grants for an indefinite period, but resident card must be replaced every 5 years. And this card forbids work in other countries too.

How can obtain Poland residence card

It is essential that residence permit can be received by persons who can justify their necessity to stay in the country for more than 3 months. Typically, these people are:

  • Married to a Polish citizen:

  • Striving to join their family;

  • Attending Polish education institutions;

  • Having a work permit or a written application from the employer;

  • Doing business in Poland.

Thus, if you attend to obtain residence permit and provide business activity in Poland, you may register a company here, and arrangements will be simpler for you. Another way to become Polish entrepreneur is to buy registered here legal firm.

Poland TRP and business activity

Temporary residence permit may be provided to a foreign businessman who meets the following characteristics:

  • has stable incomes sufficient for cover all living costs (514 zlotys per family member and 634 zlotys for a single-living person)

  • has public health insurance

  • has an approval by the competent authority to work in a certain profession;

  • has registered place of residence. This address must be registered in the competent authority;

  • has to prove that his company have enough money and tools to do your business in Poland. It’s insufficient to have 5000 zlotys of initial capital (floor amount to set up LLC company in Poland).

How we can help you to receive residence permit

If you’re not sure you can get residence permit in Poland, we may check your documents and data, and predict your chances for that. We also can offer appropriate solutions to get permission and will assist you to prepare papers and take upon ourselves all organizational matters.


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