Setting up new company in Poland

Company formation in Poland is the ideal solution for entrepreneurs who don’t live in Europe but want to set up business in there. Poland became a member of EU in 2004 and has transparent conditions for doing business. This is advanced economy country, but simultaneously staff costs are small enough for opening the firm by businessmen from the poorer ones.

Poland has the great geographical location. It is situated in the center of Europe and borders with other prospective countries.

Some people start their business in this country because of opportunity to feel free for travelling and business trips all over Europe. Residents (individuals and entities who provide entrepreneurial activity in this country) are able to obtain citizenship of Poland.

This EU member is popular in making company formation because of its convenient conditions of starting a business. The whole process takes about 2-3 weeks and can be provided without person’s participation.

Any foreigner can set up own business in this European country. There are several requirements for the person who wants to open company in Poland:

  • to be adult;
  • to have a foreign passport, which expiry date is at least 18 months from registration day;
  • to have a business experience. But there is no direction about confirmation form to prove this experience. So some of the voivodeships do not require such documents. 

You can choose one of the types of business structure: Partnership, Joint-Stock company (or S.A. in Polish) and Limited Liability Company (or SP.z.o.o in Polish). But formation in such country like Poland will be impeded in the case you know neither Poland language nor its laws.

Helping with formation of a firm in Poland

We will help you in the whole formation procedure. Besides, you won’t have to go to Poland to settle all formalities associated with the formation. We can translate your papers, help with the notary, prepare required documents and register your entity in all government structures. The only procedure potential Polish businessmen have to do personally is to open an account in the Polish bank. And we’ll assist you even with that.

We help with the Poland company formation to give people chance to change their lives. Contact us to realize a dream as fast as possible.


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