UNIKOMM - European sales agent

Doing bisiness with a European sales agents

For entrepreneurs who are interested in foreign trade activities, to have own sales agent in Europe is strategically important. Only with the assistance of a professional and experienced sales representative in Europe will you be able to establish the most effective, reversible delivery of the goods you are interested in (export your products abroad and imports of European goods into your home country).

UNIKOMM is an independent European trade company, which carries out the promotion and sale of goods / services of the enterprise in the target market; we are a specialized team of competent professionals,we have  knowledge of the market, have a connection with the distribution networks and directly with customers. Using a professional sales force will enable you without any cost and risk to arrange access to the target market of solvent European audience.

The duties of the sales representative are to ensure a clear interaction with the manufacturer / supplier of foreign products. Our company is responsible for all stages related to:

  • Purchase;
  • Logistics;
  • Customs clearance;
  • Taxes;
  • FEA.

The range of services of the wholesale trade agents and brokers of UNIKOMM includes:

  • market analysis of products / services
  • assessment of opportunities and risks
  • evaluation of possible sales channels
  • search and selection of sales representatives
  • legal advice when drawing up contracts
  • assistance in product certification
  • representative functions / coordination of the activities of representatives
  • coordination and control of shipments to the European market

The reasons you should present your goods to Europe with 

Europe - is a 743-plus million potential consumers. These are people with high purchasing activity, higher incomes and standards of living, and high solvency. They show a great interest in foreign products. Practical experience of UNIKOMM, as well as the success of our clients confirms that the withdrawal of products to EU markets is economically beneficial. Doing business in Europe with our trading company, you get extended capabilities and comprehensive assistance.

Ability to import European goods on favorable terms

If you want to buy the products of European brands and sell at home, but you are not satisfied with the price and time of delivery of the goods from the official distributor of a foreign company, UNIKOMM can help you to purchase a European manufacturer of these products, deliver it to the desired address and carry out all related in customs clearance procedures, warehousing, etc.

Your benefits:

  • the low level of expenditure
  • quick access to target markets
  • risk minimization
  • experience sales representative
  • effective implementation of the project through the use of local agents

Working with a sales representative is beneficial for entrepreneurs who do not plan to open their own representative office in Europe. This option of promoting products abroad is suitable for those who want to achieve minimum financial costs and avoid paying taxes and compulsory fees, insurance costs, office rent, salaries and maintenance of employees, etc. 

If you still have any questions about work specifics of our trading company in Europe, please contact us.


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