Conference to optimize your business in Poland

The European Union as an integrated economic space is certainly of great interest for large- and small-scale businesses of CIS countries. But how to determine the most relevant country for business immigration out of a number of options? How to find your niche in the foreign markets and compete with local producers? If you are asking yourself questions like these, you must surely belong to the up-to-date, forward-thinking business people. You tend to build your business based on the fundamental analysis of a particular market segment, to be able to work confidently in this direction and not to worry about your investments.

It is for this business audience that the company Oruga Group has prepared a unique program of conferences in Poland, aimed at optimizing of existing business strategies and implementation of new ideas. With the help of our training, you will be visibly convinced of feasibility of the transfer of your business abroad, as well as find out about all the possibilities that are opened up by registration of companies in the Eurozone. 

Considering Poland within the framework of the Eurozone as a country for stable business development, we offer all the participants to get acquainted with the privileges given to a foreign entrepreneur:

  • Opening a business visa for the entrepreneur and his family members
  • Grounds for obtaining a residence permit and permanent residence in the future
  • A full benefits package, including health care and education
  • The right to travel over the territory of the EU without restrictions
  • The right of preferential business lending (in individual cases)
  • Working under the conditions of a simple and flexible tax system

Business Conference in Poland from Oruga Group is:

  • the minimum of theory, the maximum of practical experience;  
  • demonstration of performance principles of the most effective business models based on real-life examples;
  • interactive communication format - you can get answers to your individual questions; 
  • meetings with your potential business partners and investors.

Participation in our conference on business in Poland will allow you to get up-to-date, and most importantly reliable information on business immigration from the first hand. We also provide visa support and a full range of services to go abroad, to which you will be able to get a discount in the future as a participant of the seminar.

Conference in Poland - as an opportunity to join the EU business community

Attending the business conference is undoubtedly only the first step towards a new format of business activity, but even such a detail as your participation in this event can bring you tangible benefits. You will be able to meet directly with reliable and qualified professionals who will help you in the following areas in the future:

  • business registration and purchase of ready-made companies;
  • purchase and sale of real estate;
  • accounting and auditing;
  • lending for individuals and legal entities;
  • organization of factoring; 
  • European subsidies and grants; 
  • licensing and certification of products;
  • CE marking and sales organization in the EU.

In addition, participation in the conference on doing business in Poland will allow you to save a lot of time and money on the mistakes that may be made by the entrepreneurs who set up their business abroad independently.

In order to get enrolled for the next business conference of Oruga Group in Poland, please proceed to the Contacts page and leave a request to participate.


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