Company formation in Russia

Russia is a country in Eastern Europe and North Asia, which borders with Norway, Finland, Poland, the Baltic States (Lithuania, Latvia and Estonia), Belarus, Ukraine and other CIS countries, Mongolia, China, as well as with the US and Japan on the sea, which provides great opportunities for development of private business in different fields.

The most popular legal form of doing business in this country is a limited liability company.

LLC in Russia

The minimum amount of the authorized capital is 10 000 rubles.

The minimum number of founders is one person (physical, legal or resident of a different state).

Documents required for company registration;

  1. Company name (full and abbreviated name in Russian, full and abbreviated name in English);
  2. information regarding the size of the authorized capital and distribution of shares among the founders;
  3. copies of passports of founders, contact details;
  4. information of the legal address: a letter of commitment from the lessor regarding providing premises for lease / sub-lease and a copy of the owner’s certificate of the right of ownership over the premises.

It takes about 3-4 working days to register a company and 10 working days to obtain a VAT certificate. 

For comparison, Poland company registration, takes up to 10 working days,

What is included in the service of company formation in Russia;

  1. preparation, filing and receipt of documents in the registration authority;
  2. receipt of certificate of registration;
  3. receipt of tax registration certificate;
  4. a record sheet from the state register;
  5. articles of association;
  6. decision / protocol on establishment of the company;
  7. notification from the pension and social insurance funds;
  8. corporate seal.

The cost of company registration in Russia is;  On request

Taxation in Russia

The income tax is 20%, except for the few privileged categories of taxpayers, VAT rates are 0%, 10%, 18%; corporate property tax is 2.2%.

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