Company formation in Germany

Germany is a country in Western Europe, which borders with Denmark, Poland, Czech Republic, Austria, Switzerland, France and other European countries. It is a country with a dynamic economy, a world leader in a number of industrial and technological sectors and the optimal platform for entering the EU market.

The most popular legal form for doing business in this state is a limited liability company (GmbH).

LLC in Germany

The authorized capital is 25 000 euro; it is enough to pay a half, i.e. 12 500 euros for registration, which can be made by transfer or paid in cash. After the company is registered in the commercial register, you can use the funds of the authorized capital for the company’s needs.

Documents required for company formation;

  1. copies (scanned copies) of passports of founders, their place of residence and contact details;
  2. desired name of the company in Latin letters;
  3. information regarding the authorized capital and distribution of shares among the founders;
  4. information about the types of activities;
  5. summary of the beneficiary indicating the origin of the funds for setting up of the business.

It takes about 4 weeks to register a company in Germany.

For comparison, Poland Company formation, takes up to 10 working days,

What is included in the service of company registration in Germany:

Preparation of a full package of documents for registration

Notarial support

Assistance with opening an account in a German bank

Receipt of a VAT number

The cost of company registration in Germany is; On request

Taxation in Germany

The basic VAT rate is 19%. There are preferential and zero rates for certain activities, the corporate tax is 15%, the capital gains tax is 26.375%, the tax rate chargeable on business is from 14 to 17.15%, the dividend rate is 25%, the donation tax rate is from 7 to 50%.

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