Company formation in Estonia

Estonia is a country in Northern Europe, which borders with Latvia, Russia and runs a maritime border with Finland thus creating a geographically convenient location and providing more opportunities for business development.

The most popular legal form for doing business in this state is a limited liability company (LLC).

LLC in Estonia

The minimum amount of the authorized capital is 2500 euros.

The minimum number of founders is one person (physical, legal or resident of a different state).

Documents required for company formation; 

  1. copies (scanned copies) of passports of founders, their place of residence, contact details;
  2. desired company’s name in Latin letters;
  3. information regarding the authorized capital and distribution of shares among the founders;
  4. information regarding the relevance of VAT number registration;
  5. information on types of activities.

You can register your company remotely by virtue of a notarized power of attorney.

Registration takes place within 5 days from the date of filing in the commercial register.

For comparison,company registration in Polandtakes up to 10 working days,

Electronic registration is possible if you have an e-resident card. In this case, company registration process can be effected remotely via the electronic portal. Registration will take place through the business register.

In case a company is opened remotely and there is no e-resident card, registration can be effected on the basis of a notarized and apostilled power of attorney.

What is included in the service of company formation in Estonia;

Preparation of documents for registration, filing them in the register, payment of the required state fees

Notarial support

Remote opening

Translation of powers of attorney

Assistance with opening a bank account

You should also have a legal address to register a company. We provide the service of a virtual office.

The cost of company registration in Estonia is; On request

Taxation in Estonia

No corporate profit tax. The amount of net profit at the distribution in dividends (25%) shall be the base to calculate payments.

The total VAT rate is 20%. If goods are sold outside the Eurozone, the tax is not to be paid.

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