Buying goods from Europe not only opens you up to a great choice of quality brand products, but also to a great opportunity to save personal funds and time. You can find exclusive products, that meet high international standards and are in high demand all over the world. Wholesale import of foreign products does not only help foreign entrepreneurs to expand their assortment, but it also gives the company a competitive advantage over its peers, and thus attracting more consumers. The availability of products with the CE marking will allow you to increase your credibility and multiply your income.

Buying products from Europe is also a chance to work directly with the manufacturer, guaranteeing you the most favorable purchase price and 100% authenticity of the goods. For those, who have never conducted international economic activity, the organization of import-export operations may seem an unjustifiably complex and costly undertaking. But with professional process supervision and correct calculations, buying products in Europe will bring you a minimum of excitement and maximum profit.

The service of buying wholesale goods in Europe includes the following activities:

  • Searching for products;
  • Negotiations with manufacturers and distributors;
  • Procurement of goods, packaging, loading / unloading, storage;
  • Legal support of the transaction;
  • Transport logistics;
  • Consolidation of goods at our warehouses in different EU countries;
  • Delivery of products from Europe (by sea, by land transport, etc.)
  • Turnkey customs clearance

How to buy wholesale goods in Europe with UNIKOMM

The company UNIKOMM - is a team of professionals, who work smoothly and quickly to solve your business problems. We carry out a full range of logistics services from buying, acceptance of goods, collection of products from various suppliers and inspection of the incoming, to consolidation and delivery of the goods to the customer. We carefully control all stages of buing of wholesale goods in Europe and at any time we can provide you with up-to-date information about its whereabouts. Track the progress untill delivery. 

Our advantages:

  • We offer our clients a professional and full range of all services, related to the wholesale import and export of products from the EU;
  • We carry out complex solutions in organizing the search for products and their suppliers, selecting the best logistics and customs clearance of the goods;
  • We can obtain all necessary documentation from the supplier and the permission from the state authorities for import / export of goods, make customs clearance of the cargo in the EU, deliver the goods that have been cleared to the place specified by you;
  • We provide information support to the client, providing full information about the import and export conditions of the goods of interest, making a preliminary calculation of the cost of all services;
  • We interact with professional forwarders, this allows us to optimize transportation costs, shorten the delivery time of the goods and reduce the risks associated with the transportation of cargo;
  • Along with the finished products, we are also ready to offer you favorable conditions for the wholesale purchase of raw materials from Europe.
  • We work with reliable and proven partners in the field of foreign trade.

Wholesale of raw materials from Europe and CIS countries with UNIKOMM

In the European Union there are many countries, each of which specializes in the extraction and sale of a certain category of raw materials. The most popular for today among foreign consumers are the following types of raw materials:

  • meat products;
  • milk products;
  • raw wood & timber;
  • vegetables and fruits;
  • cereals;
  • mineral fertilizers;
  • chemical raw materials for the production of medicines and cosmetics.

Wholesale of raw materials in Europe requires compliance with the specific conditions of transportation and storage of goods that we are competent to provide to you as follows:

  • We carry out deliveries of various nomenclature of the goods (chemicals, metal, glass, polyethylene, electric goods, hygienic, perishable (like food), etc.);
  • We export goods from various parts of the EU along the optimal routes (Czech Republic, Germany, Italy, Hungary, Poland, etc.);
  • We make the delivery of goods in various ways and transport (air, auto, railway, marine and multimodal).

In order to learn more about how to buy raw materials from Europe, please contact our consultants.


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