Business for sale in Poland for foreign entrepreneurs

Poland has many attractive options to start a foreign biz. The most popular and profitable today are two decisions - business for sale, or setting up a company from scratch. Ready-made company in Poland will save you time and money to gain the consumer market, because it already has its own history, target audience, charter, strategy and even the staff and production facilities. In the second case you have the opportunity to walk this path by your own, with a clean slate and initially form a business "for yourself" and your priorities. The third option, which will also give you the privilege of business - visas, - is to buy a share of the Polish company, as well as any other kind of business cooperation with the Polish side.

Today you can easily find and buy company in Poland, that meets all your requirements without personal presence. In Oruga Group company s catalog there are carefully selected and proven businesses for sale with a good reputation, positive dynamics and legal activity in the past. All ready-made companies, we offer you to buy in Poland, are registered in:

  • Tax registry (NIP number)
  • Register of National Economy (REGON)
  • Court Register (KRS number)
  • VAT Office (VAT number)

The advantages of business that is ready for sale

Having a complete set of documents confirming the legal operation of the company and registration in necessary agencies; Own the authorized capital; The ability to quickly proceed to the immediate conduct of business (partner search, loan processing, production of goods, etc.); Cost includes all expenses on management changes.

Business for sale in Poland with Oruga Group

With our company you can not only buy, but also sell the company in Poland, if you already have business-experience and you for some reason want to change the scope of activities, or conduct it in a different legal form.
Buying and selling a business in Poland  is one of the priorities of Oruga Group. Due to years of experience, we have developed an effective system of interaction with customers, resulting in a short time you will be able to get a successful business and to make it even more prosperous in the future.
Prices of services for buying&selling business in Poland, you can check during the individual consultation with our managers. To conduct business in Poland you can emigrate to Poland, or to work in the country and monitor the company remotely.

All purchases and sales transactions of companies in Poland with Oruga are carried out by competent experienced experts, so you can always count on the legal purity of the procedure and its legitimacy with respect to current legislation. For more free advice about business for sale in Poland you can contact our consultant.


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