Buying an apartment in Poland. A carefully weighed and viable decision

Why is it profitable – having an apartment in Poland?

Many people dream of having housing in a developing country and enjoying all the benefits of the EU membership. Each of us, to be sure, wants to have a stable life and confidence in the future – the things which the Poles currently dispose of. Taking this into account, it’s no wonder why so plenty of people go in for immigration. 

In spite of different goals and prosperities, all of the Polish immigrants agree that there are opportunities for personal self-fulfillment and subsequent «root taking» in the country, which is more promising and real, than in any other part of Europe.

How to buy an apartment in Poland with Oruga Group?

A foreigner can buy an apartment in Poland as easily as any local. The state does not create any barriers to be entitled to ownership and further use of the living space by a foreign person for their own purposes. If you want, you can rent out your property, or register it officially as a corporate property (if you have a business in Poland). You should keep in mind that giving apartments for rent in Poland does not require additional permits. 

If you are interested in apartments in Poland as a buyer, our company will provide you with professional services in finding the right property and registration of the transaction of purchase and sale, so you can save your time. In case you intend to act as a home seller, we will help you to form an appropriate cost and sell an apartment in Poland at the best price. 

It's no secret that the cost of apartments in Poland is influenced by several factors, which directly affect its value. It is not only the class and the type of habitation, good designing and maximum useful living space, but also a profitable geographical location, shared equipped residential area. Buying an apartment or a house in Poland is an issue that requires a comprehensive professional approach, which is daily practiced by specialists of Oruga Group. By co-operating with us, you will always be well-informed about current apartment prices in Poland, and will be able to choose from the best deals of the Republic of Poland (we have a vast database of real estate in the RP).

Why is it so important to have experts involved?

In order to know the cost of a suitable apartment in Poland, you will only have to fill in a brief questionnaire describing all your desires regarding the future living space. We will take upon ourselves all further measures related to search and analysis of housing. 

In your turn, you will have an available list of offers at your disposal, according to the specified criteria and a possibility to buy an apartment in Poland at an acceptable price.

In connection with the general tendencies of the European real estate market, apartment prices in Poland fluctuate insignificantly from year to year, which we always take into account in the process of working with clients. 

Having the standing experience in the real estate field, we can predict all sorts of price leaps and determine the right moment for investing in real estate. Therefore we have first-hand knowledge of how to buy an apartment in Poland without overspending one's budget and how to avoid unwarranted risks of a deal. If you have firmly decided to "buy an apartment in Poland", the second right step on the way to your new habitation should be a well-considered choice of a representative in Poland. Despite the fact that the government of the Republic of Poland is rather tolerant of immigrants, all transactions with the real estate require special attention.

If you are interested in purchase, sale and rent of apartments in Poland at the best price, we will be glad to provide you with the competent consulting on all your questions.

Buying an apartment in Warsaw

The most expensive real estate in Poland is undoubtedly concentrated in Warsaw. The capital of Poland is one of the most expensive cities, where the price per square meter can easily reach the mark of €2000. However this doesn’t point to the fact that buying housing in the outskirts or in a remote village is the only acceptable option. 

For the purpose of comfortable living, you don’t have to strive for settling down in the center of Poland. There are a lot of major cities that have an attractive infrastructure, interesting sights and beautiful views in this country. The average cost of apartments in Krakow is about 100 thousand euro, based on the fact that the cost per square meter is from 1300 to 1700 euro.

If you are buying an apartment in Warsaw, you will settle in one of the most visited and popular tourist cities in Poland, which is filled not only with state-of-the-art progressive buildings, but also historical monuments (churches, castles, town halls, etc.).

Buying an apartment in Krakow at a low price is quite realistic, provided you work in tandem with a professional realtor.  Having an experienced professional by your side will help you to purchase real estate and become legal in Poland in a short time, in spite of the purposes of your visit: business, studies or just tourism. Staying as an immigrant temporarily or permanently, you can always rent or buy an apartment in Warsawt a good price with the help of Oruga Group.

The cost of apartments in Warsaw is first and foremost affected by their location (area) and distance from the city center. The most popular areas in Warsaw are the Old Town and the Jewish quarter. This explains the increased prices for apartments in these vicinities. 

Nowa Huta is the most popular area among students and young people; it can boast of more enjoyable rental prices, you can find an accommodation at a price of 6-7 euro per square meter.

Apartments are sold in Krakow both directly by owners and through agencies. In the first case, when doing it on your own, you can save money, but you will have a risk of being legally unprotected. In the second case, you can spend more but you will get confidence and eliminate all possible risks. Therefore, it is important to consider all associated costs, along with the fact, how much is an apartment in Krakow is.

Apartments in Gdansk, Sopot and Gdynia can exceed the cost of the capital property (in Sopot prices reach 2500 euro per 1 m2 and higher), because they are located in resort towns on the Baltic Sea. An apartment in Gdansk costs upon the average 150 thousand euro, based on their closeness to the sea.

You can find out more about apartment prices in Warsaw and other Polish cities by getting an individual consultation with a specialist of Oruga Group.


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