Visa to Poland

Poland is an attractive country for millions of tourists, investors and students as well. Regardless of the trip intention all non-Polish residents must get visa to Poland which can be a Schengen or National.     

There are 3 types of Polish visa: A, C and D. In first case is a transit visa which allows you to be in Polish airport in case of flight-changing.

A Schengen visa (type "C") to Poland is required if you plan to be in the country during a period of not less than 90 days starting the first day of arriving. Such Schengen-visa to Poland allows you to visit the country many times during a half-year period. And 6 months is exactly validity period of this visa.

But if you have planned immigration to Poland or trip for studies you need a national "D"-type visa. It gives you an ability to be in Poland for more than 3 months and visit other European Union's countries as a Schengen visa.

Immigration to Poland or visiting the country as a tourist requires a certain list of documents for getting the visa in a consulate. But you have to remember that visa application to Poland must be submitted at minimum 14 days before arrival and at maximum 3 months before expected date of arrival.

Below is a list of documents:

  • questionnaire which is available to download on the consulate websiteinternational passport with validity period not less than 3 months from the date of the trip ends + copie of all the filled pages (with any marks, such as visas stamps etc.);
  • internal passport + its copie;
  • medical insurance with guarantee amount of 30 000 euro;
  • photo;
  • Additionally consulate may ask you about other documents, such as:confirmation of the good financial situation of the applicant regardless of the trip intention - tourism or immigration to Poland. It can prove an excerpt from the bank account, reference from the the place of employment with designation of salary and position in the company etc.;
  • reference from the place of employment or record of service. If your trip intention is a business-immigration to Poland the businessman must provide company's registration documents;confirmation of the tickets reservation. In case of arriving by car you may provide car registration certificate;
  • consular fee to Poland (size of the visa processing fee must be checked in your consulate). In case of deny in getting the visa consular will not be returned;in case of immigration with children under 18 you have to provide birth certificate and its photocopy as well as permission from one of the parent (if family travels not at full strength).

Time of issuing the application may take from 4 to 30 days (usually 1-2 weeks) after visa application with all required to attach documents submitted to the consulate.

Poland visa

If you need a visa for property review or company formation with help of Oruga Group you may ask for help and get official invitation directly to Oruga Group company.

Some categories of persons don't require visa, which are:

  • diplomatic passports owners; members of the rescuing crew (of ship or aircraft);
  • those who has already solved the question how to immigrate to Poland and had got TRP in this country;

If you still have any questions about immigration to Poland we are glad to answer them. You may order free consultation by phone or online request.


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