Get new possibilities with virtual office in Poland

Opening a business in Europe gives foreign entrepreneurs a wide range of opportunities. You can conduct business in a convenient and financially profitable format and the service of a virtual office in Poland from  Oruga Group - is one of the modern tools, that allows you to do this. Now it is not necessary to open a real representation of the company in Poland, it is enough to provide the solution of this issue to professionals in the field of communications.

With our help you can rent a legal address in Poland to register a company, as well as to service its corporate correspondence. In addition, our employees provide comprehensive mail services to the client, inform about each new message, place it in an individual customer box and scan (if this is provided by a package of ordered services).

In addition to the rental of the registered address for the purposes of registering your company in Warsaw, and Poland in general, we offer the creation of a virtual office. Using the Virtual Office service you get a full presentation of your interests on the territory of Poland.

 With the rent of virtual office in Warsaw you can get:

  • Opportunity to place an address on your company's advertising materials in Poland;
  • Timely information on receipt of correspondence by e-mail;
  • Scanning and forwarding correspondence by e-mail;
  • Contact or individual telephone number (two languages: Russian, Polish);
  • Individual service of incoming messages.

The Virtual Office service allows you to create the presence of your company in Poland in a prestigious location, and allows you to save considerably on the high cost of renting a real office, as well as hiring office staff. We offer a fully equipped virtual office, located in the center of Warsaw, or other regions of interest to you.

Rent a virtual office in Poland: the advantages of the Oruga Group

  • Localization in the very center of Warsaw;
  • The possibility of a separate telephone line with a Russian-English-Polish speaking call-center;
  • The possibility of renting meeting rooms;
  • Individual working hours (maybe discussed personally);
  • Discreet and professional service;
  • Qualified employees;
  • High quality of service;
  • Individual approach to each client;
  • Flexible pricing policy.

Renting virtual office in Warsaw / Poland is an ideal solution for both a new company registration and representation functions, and for a company, that has been working for a long time - the address of the company will not change with a physical move.

If you have just started an activity, are limited in means, are afraid of financial risks, a high rent for an office is not always justified. In such cases, the best solution is a virtual office. At the moment, the service of specifying a virtual office as a legal address is very much in demand. You can several times reduce the costs for the maintenance of the company and renting a room.

Also it is convenient for those businessmen, who are abroad, - you can remotely conduct a full-fledged activity, concluding transactions and negotiating with partners and customers. Our company offers registered office in Warsaw, as well as in other cities of Poland. We also provide a full range of legal, accounting, analytical, consulting and investment services. Therefore, if you need complex business support, we are ready to advise you on all issues. You can send an application for individual consultation by phone, or on our website.


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