How to get a virtual office in Poland?

Having a virtual representation makes doing business abroad very comfortable and profitable. Basically it is the procedure of registration company s address (the place of location).

The rent of legal address in Poland means a safe and efficient start for any kind of biz in Europe. The address of virtual office differs from your personal, that gives you an opportunity to delineate your professional activity and private life.

To rent a virtual office in Poland is a relevant solution for:

  • foreign firms, that do not have real working place in Poland;
  • companies having a point of contact in Poland;
  • business people who willing to launch their startups in Poland;

Generally, the virtual workplace can be the best decision as for big firms, so for small companies who do business remotely. To prove it, we made up a list of advantages you may enjoy if you decide to open a virtual representation:

• Chance to do business in the most favorable economic conditions in EU.

• You will save time and money on finding and renting a real office, because as a virtual office does not imply such costs. For example in Warsaw, the rental of the office space with the registered address is rather expensive and for many companies is financial unreasonable.

• You have the possibility to open a virtual workspace on the whole territory of Poland(including virtual office in Warsaw).

• Adding to the business registry will allow you to enjoy all the economic privileges which are provided by Polish law.

• You may use conference hall when you need

• Chance to expand coverage and increase the audience of consumers

• Communication services can be delivered through live phone calls and other types of communication methods.

Perspectives of using a virtual office space in Poland:

With the increasing influence of Internet technologies, a virtual office in Poland is becoming more and more popular. It helps to establish and develop private business in a very simple and at the same time progressive way.  This type of company gives an opportunity to arrange partnerships, new agreements within the shortest deadlines in any location in the world. According to the latest statistical data, firms with virtual offices achieve higher revenues. Thus, the Polish government encourages local and foreign entrepreneurs to turn to this type of business formation. It brings less documentation and less tax routine.

How to formalize a legal address in Poland?

In order to rent a virtual office in Warsaw or any other city in Poland, you need to have a legal address in the chosen location. This will include the following steps:

• You choose the exact location where you want your virtual office to be registered.

• You sign an office agreement of rent.

• The Polish authorities send you a letter with registration details.

• The registered address will be stated as your official address in the European Companies Register.

NOTE: The costs for the  registered office in Warsaw can reach 250 Euros per year, in other cities the price for rent can raise up to 350 Euros.

How to set up a work in the virtual office in Poland?

Considering the fact that your customers can not contact you in person, there most likely be some difficulties at the very begging. But it won’t take much time to realize that all business operations, including meetings, conferences and training sessions, can be handled online.


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