Why you need to open a virtual office in Poland

Registration of business in the EU, including Poland, implies the indication in the documents of the legal address of your company. It is necessary to receive all kinds of correspondence from both government departments (for example, the tax service), and from your customers, business partners, etc. This may be the actual address of your office, located in Poland, or the address of a virtual office. Nowadays a rent of legal address in Poland is a convenient solution for all kinds of business, especially for foreign business people, who spend a lot of time abroad.

If in conjunction with the establishment of a business, you have purchased a premise for statutory purposes, or have taken a property for rent, its address can be used as a legal one. If you are eager to reduce your expenses on keeping the actual office and staff, and also want to do business remotely, a virtual office in Poland - is an option, that will allow you to conduct business correspondence, negotiations and conclude deals in a very convenient mode.

At the client's choice, we offer to rent a virtual office in Warsaw (which is the main business center of Poland), as well as in other regions of the country with no less developed infrastructure. Virtual office in Warsaw is in great demand, both among local and foreign entrepreneurs, because the indication in the contacts of the company of the capital address increases the trust of clients, and also increases its authority in general. Since the capital of the republic has long been the epicenter of business events, the rental registered address in Warsaw is higher than in other cities. With Oruga Group you can get a registered office in Warsaw at the best price, with a guarantee of quality and stable service.

The rent of a virtual office in Poland from Oruga Group

Renting a legal address from the Oruga Group means a package of services, that includes a full-fledged mail service for your business. Despite your own employment and location, you can always be sure that the call center, or e-mail communications of your company work stably and efficiently, thanks to our specialized technical support and specialists.

Virtual office has several significant advantages:

  • You can remotely solve business issues without coming to Poland / Europe;
  • You save time on finding office space and money for its maintenance;
  • You are given the opportunity to choose as a virtual legal address a prestigious area, that will enhance the credibility of your company in the eyes of customers;
  • At your discretion, you can connect additional options to the standard virtual legal address in the EU (secretarial services, storage of letters and parcels, fax, and the possibility of renting a conference hall, a meeting room, etc., upon arrival in Poland).

If you want to get a legal address in Poland, or another EU region, we are ready to offer you a choice of several convenient and beneficial options for solving this issue. Along with the virtual office service, we also assist in the search, lease and purchase of real office space, as well as any other types of commercial real estate.

Cooperation with our company will allow you to conduct full commercial activity even in the remote mode, because you will have a reliable correspondence system, thanks to which you will always be in touch. We guarantee the confidentiality of processed data, competent work with documents and their safety.

For additional advice on the legal address in Poland, please contact our specialists.



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