Approximately 40 % of flats sold for cash housing in Poland

According to the experts, approximately 40 % of transactions in the housing market in Poland 2017 were done in cash. In average market conditions, the number of cash transactions in the housing does not exceed 10% - he added.

As the analyst noted from the data he collected himself, "practically all developers participating in the survey have a range of 30-40% cash transactions and that was definitely more progressive than previously".

Expert admitted that some of the developer's investments "are wanted by many investors, who often are also suite clients of real estate offices in Poland."

Expert pointed out that in average market conditions, the number of cash transactions in a residential unit usually does not exceed 10%.
Starting from the largest real estate companies in Poland, to typically local companies, the survey involved 24 companies with different sales scales.

The leading real estate company in Poland was the best last year - it contracted almost 4,000 premises, 40% of which was purchased for cash housing in Poland. A similar result was recorded by he second company in the rating, who found buyers on 3605 flats built by them last year (over 40% was purchased for cash).

According to GUS data, in 2017, 178 258 apartments were handed over in Poland, which is 9.1% more than in 2016. The Central Statistical Office also informed that "developers in 2017 handed over 89 817 apartments (50.4% of the total number), which was 13.5% more, compared to an increase of 26.8% in a year before. " (PAP)


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