Real estate in Poland for foreigners by Oruga Group

Foreign nationals may purchase real estate in Poland that is displayed in the relevant legislative acts of the Republic of Poland. Often, residents of other countries are required to obtain permission from the Polish Ministry of Internal Affairs before purchase any kind of property in Poland (parcel or building). But there is no such requirement if you wish to purchase flats or apartments. That's why real estate in Poland is so attractive for foreigners from many countries.

In accordance with Polish law a foreigner is:

  •  a person who is not a citizen of the country;
  •  registered in Poland company managed by person who doesn't have Polish citizenship.

Buying a property in Poland for non-residents can be done without the permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs if:

  •  it means a purchase of apartment or flat including garage buildings;
  •  a citizen of another country stayed in Poland for five or more years started from the time of getting permanent residence;
  •  husband / wife of a citizen of Poland buy real estate here who lives in the country for two years or more and the property is common.

However if the foreigner plans to buy any other kind of property in Poland not mentioned above he must obtain permission from the Ministry of Internal Affairs for its purchase. It is issued in the case of:

  • the property shall not threaten to the national security and can't cause violations of public peace, as well as is not contradict to social norms and public health requirements;
  • the buyer can prove his connection with Poland.

To see the available-for-sale offers you do not need to search for real estate ads.  enough to Filling our questionnaire and specifying all the important for you criteria is enough. We will take into consideration these requirements when looking for real estate for you. You, in turn, save your time and effort by getting ready list of the best proposals for purchase.

How to buy property in Poland, with the maximum benefit

Working with a professional realtors by Oruga Group you can buy real estate in Poland at a price corresponding to its objective status and parameters. Because of our adequate expert evaluation it will never be overvalued and you will be aware of the real value of your purchase. With the Oruga Group company you will always be informed about the fluctuations on the property market of the Republic of Poland as well as about actual property prices in Poland. Our experts will also check each subject of transaction for presence possible hidden troubles (pitfalls) because property in Poland can be cheap and at the same time have a number of charges as in other countries.

Administrative-Procedure Code of the Republic of Poland regulates the procedure of getting the permission to buy property in Poland.

To obtain a permit special application comprising all the necessary information is required:

  •  name, surname, nationality, residence address, date of birth;
  •  "connection with the Republic of Poland" in case of its having. It means Polish nationality or origin, TRP, marriage with a Polish citizen, participation in the management of the company with foreign investments;
  •  information about the property you intend to buy - the location address, placement area and type of its components (if it is a complex of buildings), land description etc.;
  •  addresses, names and surnames of the legal entities engaged into the property alienation process;
  •  type of being concluded agreement, including deals of exchange, donation, sale of real estate in Poland;
  •  does purchase of the real estate and its area are appropriate.

Altogether with the application must be submitted:

  •  copies of the documents confirming connection of the potential property buyer with Poland:  this could be a marriage certificate (with a citizen of Poland), TRP, the company etc.;
  •  If the applicant is a representative person of the governing body of the company with foreign capital, then must be submitted:
  •  an extract from the company's registry which confirms managing functions;
  •  documents confirming REGON and NIP numbers possession;
  •  certificate confirming the absence of tax debts (obtains in tax authorities);
  •  a document from the social insurance service confirming timely payment fees;
  •  A photocopy of the foreign passport with the data proving the identity of the applicant;
  •  A written affirmation of the person who disposes the property and indicates the type of transaction (exchange, purchase and sale etc.).
  • Other countries residents may buy real estate in Poland after they obtained the permit, which is issued for 2 months. Time of issuing the permit application begins when all the necessary documentation will be submitted.

The state charge for the promise to issue a permit to purchase real estate is 98 000 PLN and the payment for given permit is 1570 PLN. Also in case of documents submission by a third party there is payment in amount of 17 PLN is required (for power of attorney).

All contracts with real estate must get notary authentication. Cost of notary services is 0.25-3% of the total amount of transaction. Also tax on civil law transactions must be paid in the amount of 1-2% of the price of real estate in Poland - in case of purchase a property on secondary and some other types of real estate, on the transfer of ownership from one owner to another. Agent commission is 3% of the contract and is paid by the buyer.

In addition to individuals companies with foreign capital may buy real estate in Poland. Costs of the company formation process are:

* 5000 PLN - is a sum of minimum charter capital which does not have to be deposited into the company's account. The document confirming that this amount was paid as share capital is enogh;

The price of real estate in Poland depends on the region, its condition and type, climate and local infrastructure. If you are interested in more detailed information regarding the pricing of the sale of real estate in Poland - do not hesitate to ask us. We will be glad to answer all your questions. In addition to buying and selling we are also ready to consult you about renting a property in Poland (residential and commercial).

In order to evaluate a wide range of our offers in a convenient online mode - please visit our online catalog of real estate in Poland by Oruga Group right now!

Real Estate in Warsaw and other cities in the Republic of Poland

If you want to buy real estate in Poland, quickly and inexpensively, first of all you must have professional approach to this process. In addition to the requirements to the apartments the Oruga Group specialists also take into account all the client's wishes to the local infrastructure (transportation, availability of medical and educational institutions, trade and business centers) during the sale of real estate process in Poland. Because it can impact at work, study and usually at the level of living standard. So, if you are interested in real estate in Cracow you need to get acquainted with the features of the city and its lifestyle. Buy a property in Cracow means settlement in the cultural center of Poland, as well as in the attractive for business, study and tourism city. Depending on the localization of apartment and its area property price in Cracow range (from € 70 000 per house of 40 m² or more).

Roughly similar prices for residential real estate are in the suburbs of Gdansk, at the seaboard - from € 100,000 for 40 m². Real Estate in Gdansk may be a little bit more expensive. For example apartment of 90 m² with sea views costs at least € 300 000. You can buy real estate in Gdansk at a good price despite the fact that the Pomeranian region is considered as not affordable in terms of price as other regions. With Oruga Group you can get an accommodation in Europe at the seaboard on comfortable terms and in the shortest time!


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