Prices of land plots in Poland

The prices of land plots went up high after the winter. The investors look for new plots, as the interest doesn’t go down.

The number of transactions in property market is increasing. It is not only about development investments.The intensive process of buying and selling includes buying land plots by private investors to address their own needs.

The smallest land plots tend to be the most popular among them.About 40% of purchases are land plots with area up to 500 m2 – they are best-selling. A good project helps us use maximum land space and it is very common for us to go along with our pocket while building a house. The prices of properties vary.

They depend on locations and the size of a land plot. Warsaw is the most expensive -  one m2 may cost PLN 600 to 800. It’s much cheaper in Poznan or Pomeranian Voivodeship – PLN 250 to 350 per m2.The  rise of interest in housing might be the effect of higher apartments prices.

Very often building your own house is a better investment than buying a flat and, looking at the prices in suburbia, it’s also cheaper than the apartment in the city.


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