Ideas to set up your business in Poland 

The success of any newly established business, whether it is in Poland or any other country, directly depends on how carefully you have analyzed the targeted market of goods/services. Even an exteriorly ingenious idea without being thouroughly audited may turn into a collapse of the company immediately after its launching. 

The second important detail is the idea for the business in Poland, because to succeed in the most probable way, you need to show originality and innovation and offer something new and necessary, high-quality and affordable to people. The exclusive character of an offer in this case is not related to innovative technologies or scientific developments (although this option is quite good as well), but for instance, a marketing approach to implementation of the business idea, i.e. to provide more favorable prices on strategically important products, launch a bonus program, render the services more extended compared to your competitors, as well as introduce your own unique innovations into your business in Poland.

The location, surrounding infrastructure and local characteristics of the consumer audience definitely play a significant role in Poland business development as well, though the decisive factor is a correctly chosen sphere of economic activity. If you have chosen a business related to the industry which is globally on the decline throughout the country, continuing to work in this direction is like swimming against the current. If in certain cases it make make you hard and bring some dividends, it will turn into a loss within the context of business in the EU. In order to protect your assets, you need to follow the general economic path, not stroking the wrong way, but integrating into the overall flow of funds by investing into the flourishing industries.

Starting a Business in Poland

So, let us consider several business ideas in Poland and the EU as a whole.

Working in the field of gastronomy could be of relevance for those who want to have a small shop with daily marketable products. This business in Poland can be categorized as "regional" because it is focused on a narrow audience of local consumers. There are so far popular and proven gastronomic networks in Poland, so you could acquire their franchise to feel more confident about the positive outcome of your business.

1. Opening the store of alcoholic beverages in Poland – provided it has a wide range of products and is 24-h open, it will make your business profitable in Poland. However, this point of sale has territorial restrictions, because it can't be opened in the neighbourhood with playgrounds, schools, etc.

2. The opening of the restaurant in Poland is one more cost-effective investment decision for foreigners. You can opt for a classic restaurant or a specially-oriented cafe (national cuisine of any country, etc.)

3. Opening fast food in Poland point of sale is an option which is always relevant. If in addition to the extensive menu you will have a delivery option , it will give you additional benefits. A profitable method in this field will be working based on franchise of a fast food chain which is n already well-known in Poland. To promote the uniqueness of your point of fast food, you can develop a menu composed of dishes from the international cuisine and offer non-standard combinations of their usual dishes to your customers – as experience confirms, the Europeans are willing to experiment and something new always appeals to them. A very popular business in Poland

4. Opening of pharmacy in Poland is one more cost-effective investment decision for foreigners. You can opt for a classic restaurant or a specially-oriented cafe (national cuisine of any country, etc.). Pharmacy is an integral part of any residential district in Poland. That is why the pharmaceutical business direction guarantees to be profitable. In order to set competitive prices and have a wide range, you can also use a franchise of a major pharmacy chain.

5. Open second hand clothes shop in Poland – such points of sale are relevant and popular everywhere, especially if they are well-known for good- quality goods. Branded clothing at affordable prices is undoubtedly a cost-effective and quite feasible idea. Since Poland is included in the Eurozone, you will have an  opportunity to buy goods for your store in Germany, Sweden, France, the Netherlands and other countries on favorable terms.

6. Opening Pre-school education in Poland institutions is also an integral part of each district, just like pharmacies. This can be a private kindergarten, or a preschool development centre, which are in high demand both in Europe and in the CIS.Specific business in Poland, as it requires highly skilled specialists.

It is undoubtedly better to consult  professionals for proper examination of a particular segment of goods and services in Poland.  They will help you to calculate potential costs, a payback period of the project, forecast its further development, so that you could confirm your decision or abandon it in favor of a more rational one.

To learn more about how to open a business in Poland, you can contact our specialists.


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