How is the company formation in Poland

It is possible to distinguish a large number of the reasons thanks to which inhabitants of other countries seek to carry out company formation in Poland. The main reasons are as follows:

  • market development of the new format;
  • cost reductions.

Poland joined the EU in 2004, so it was beneficial for the implementation of these two actions. The big positive moment in which the formation of a Polish company is profitable is that the Polish market has proved itself as the largest among all Central Europe. And if we consider the recent years, the country shows a very high growth rate among the European Union.

Formation of the company in Poland allows carrying out trade processes with the countries of the European Union without problems. This is all provided by circumstances such as:

  • the presence of automatic VAT refund;
  • there are no duties at customs offices, as well as other charges;

When opening a company in Poland, there is another prospect: the possibility of obtaining it in the ownership of the founders, as well as to become members of the Board of residence permits in the country.

As a foreigner can open a Polish company formation

If you do not have citizenship Poland, it is not an obstacle to forming his own company. There is only one thing: not every citizen of foreign countries, you may manage individual business activities.

The law, adopted in 2004, provided a list of foreigners who can form their business on equal terms with Polish people. These include:

  • citizens of the countries of the European Union, Switzerland;
  • people who have the card of a pole, residence permit because of the study, permission for long term residence permits, etc.

Those who do not fall under these conditions, available company registration in Poland, but only in the following forms:

  • open Company;
  • joint-stock format company;
  • joint - stock company (command and joint-stock).

In what forms is the company formation in Poland

Company formation in Poland available in three ways:

  • online;
  • traditionally;
  • the acquisition of the company.

Formation online has one of the positive aspects – not mandatory presence of the founder. But there are limitations:

  • authorized capital can only be contributed with money;
  • the standard Foundation agreement is used for registration;
  • it is not possible to form a joint-stock company and a commanding joint-stock type.

More reliable Poland company formation takes place in the traditional way. It is not so cheap, but it will be so convenient to buy a ready-made company.


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