Virtual office in Poland: features and benefits

In order for the registered office in Warsaw to come into effect, it is mandatory to have a legal address. It can be found in three cases:

  • real estate acquisition;

  • office space for rent;

  • renting a virtual office in Poland.

This kind of office is equivalent in fact to the legal. Here the main thing that you had a room with the property rights on it or at least rent. His office can be safely used as his own legal address. The main condition here is that the room should not be placed in a residential building.

If a person who wants to register his / her business in Poland does not have the opportunity to rent a room, he / she can easily use the service "virtual office in Warsaw" or in another city of the country.

Virtual office is called location, which was registered by the firm or company. This organization is not physically located there. That's why they call it that.

Thanks to this service, foreigners who plan and dream to start their own business in Poland, have many possible problems. For example, here are the following options:

  • a person does not need to move to Poland;

  • in Poland it is possible not to be engaged in searches of the room;

  • no need to bother with complicated lease agreements;

  • you do not need to pay for the rent of the office found when the registration will be issued, and behind it and all the preparatory work for a successful start of business.

Why you should take advantage of virtual office rental

Registration of company in Poland requires a valid legal address, which would be sent to the actual location of the enterprise. According to the formal type of legal address is the place from which the management of all the Affairs of the company. Because of this, it should be listed in all official services. Because the whole set of correspondence sent from state bodies will come to it. Therefore, it is best in this case to use the fact to rent a virtual office in Poland.

What are the advantages to virtual address in Poland

The main advantages offered by renting a registered office in Poland are:

  • ability to work remotely. This is a big plus, because you do not need to move to another country;

  • a chance to save. You will invest money in order to develop only your business. You will not need to spend money to rent an office and pay, for example, the Secretary for his work;

  • achieving a prestigious level. Thanks to him, you can create a solid rating for your company. This can be achieved by pointing it at their own business cards, as well as in advertising.

In some cases, it is best to use the provided service

Renting a virtual office in Warsaw is most relevant in the following situations:

  • desire to start a business;

  • striving for office activities;

  • long delay in starting a business.

Renting a Legal address in Poland gives a person the opportunity to gain a confident feeling that the correspondence received will remain safe. This service is gaining importance when it is required to react to letters from state bodies in time.


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