How to find the number of the mortgage register in Poland?

Finding the number of the mortgage register established for the real estate in Poland is an extremely important issue, it is the first step to establish the legal status of the flat, house, land plot or commercial properties. How does it look like and how can you find it?

Which institutions should we go to?

Mortgage registers are public registers that are a good source of knowledge about real estate in Poland. They present its legal status, the owner's sign, limited rights in property or describe mortgage for securing claims. The mortgage registers are split into four sections. To determine the number of the mortgage register, you can go to the Mortgage Register Division of the District Court for the location of the property or use the help of the District Office for Geodetic or Cartographic Documentation / Commune Office. When submitting applications to the above-mentioned institutions, it is necessary to show a legal interest in determining the number of the mortgage register established for a given real estate in Poland.

The mortgage register number

The number of the mortgage register is unique for each real estate. It is a four-character designation of the Mortgage Register Division of the relevant District Court, followed by a 8-digit number separated by a slash, given by the mortgage registers according to the repertory, and the so-called control number. For example, the number of the mortgage register - GD1G / 00002223/1, where GD stands for the court code (in this case, the District Court in Gdańsk), 1G - code of the land registry department of the district court, followed by the number of the register according to the repertory and the control number.

Quickly and without leaving home

The Internet is a great option when searching for numbers of the mortgage registers established for specific properties. Thanks to the easy-to-use search engine you can find the register number by typing the land plot number or property address. The nationwide mortgage register search engine allows you to find information also by the register number, so you can forget about standing in office lines.

To view the contents of the selected mortgage register, the number of which is known to us, you can also use the public browser available on the website of the Ministry of Justice -

What information does the mortgage register provide?

The mortgage register has four sections. Each of them has a name and specific purpose:

  • Section I of the mortgage register has 2 subsections: the I-O and the I-Sp.

  • The I-O, "Real Estate Designation", names its location, mark of a land plot, a building, premises and information about the real estate area in Poland.

  • Section I-Sp, "List of rights connected with ownership", includes entries regarding rights related to ownership of real estate, rights related to perpetual usufruct and rights to premises for co-operative ownership.

  • Section II, "Ownership", includes the size of the share and the information about of the owner or other authorized user of the property.

  • Section III, "Rights, Claims and Limitations", names the content of rights, claims and restrictions in the Poland property management (for example, pre-emption, personal servitude). In this section you can also find the content of warnings and persons whose claim has been secured by the entry of a warning (for example, a warning about the enforcement in process).

  • Section IV "Mortgage" contains information about mortgage or a claim to establish a mortgage and information about mortgagee.


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