Investments in Poland: legally and safely

Poland is one of the best countries in the European Union for investing in real estate and doing business. The state refers to foreigners in a loyal and democratic way and assists them in developing their business on the most favorable terms.  Anyone who  comes to Poland from another state and decides to invest his/her money in its economy is protected by the legislation of the republic from the occurrence of various troubles:

  • First, the investor can forget about illegal expropriation;
  • Secondly, the profit from business can be converted into any currency;
  • Lastly, polish taxation is  quite flexible,  helping to economize  legally (the return of overpayments for VAT and etc.).

Are you ready to invest in Poland?

A foreign entrepreneur has the right to choose any kind of commercial activity in Poland. You may start your business from scratch, buy a ready-made firm, or a stake in any Polish company, buy real estate, etc.

In 1991, the polish Law on Foreign Investments was ratified. It describes all types of Polish enterprises in which foreigners are allowed to invest savings, as well as the size and procedure for investing. The law also contains provisions on tax incentives for foreign investors and repatriation of income from investments. Over the past few years, the law has been updated and an important change is the removal of investment restrictions, as well as the amount of earnings that can be exported from Republic.

Our view on Poland investments 

If you are interested in financing of Polish projects, we will help you to choose the right area of the economy for cash infusion. We will find the most profitable and interesting projects for investing in Poland, which will become a stable source of income for you. 

Applying for advice in our company, you can count on a professional support in all aspects of doing  business abroad. In the context of investing it means:

  • Search for investment ideas
  • Complex analysis of the selected project
  • Expert evaluation of project`s potential
  • Calculation of potential income from investments
  • Signing treaties with the participation of an interpreter
  • Conclusion of a contract
  • Legal advice
  • Informing during all steps of cooperation

In addition to these options, we help our clients to buy ready-made companies in Poland, co-invest with polish businessmen in different projects and to obtain a loan from private companies. To get more information about Poland investment opportunities, please, contact our specialists.


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