Immigration to Poland and its benefits

Giving preference to one or another country to exit abroad, you cannot know for sure how much justified your choice will be, and what opportunities the moving will bring. In case of Poland, everything is much clearer, as its main and most important advantage is affordable European life, which is affordable namely for an average CIS resident, as the level of prices for housing, utilities, food, transportation, health care, education, etc. in other countries of the Schengen area is substantially higher. Immigration in Poland will provide you with an opportunity to experience a different life quality, stability, career prospects, prosperous future and present. 

When you move to Poland, you can:

  • Enjoy all the benefits of the social policy of the Polish Government;
  • Use high-quality medical care;
  • Go to the best European educational institutions;
  • Get yourself a profitable job and earn a decent salary;
  • Open your own business under a simplified tax system;
  • Beneficially purchase residential and commercial real estate or vehicles;
  • Live and go on vacation in the country with a mild climate and a developed resort area;
  • Be entitled to travel freely throughout the Schengen countries.

Immigration to Poland is also beneficial in terms of territorial proximity, you can often visit your family and friends and travelling itself will not take much time or money. Moreover, speaking of the geographical proximity, we should not forget about the mental similarity, since the europeans have a common past; and as a result a number of similar habits and traditions, holidays, national cuisine, etc.

Grounds for immigration to Poland: which program to choose?

In order to become a full-fledged citizen of Poland in the future, first of all, you have to determine the grounds for departure and carry out this procedure within the framework of legal and valid immigration programs:

  • Education;
  • Employment;
  • Setting up a business or participation in the shared ownership;
  • Departure for family reasons;

Depending on the selected immigration program, the cost and time period for issuing visa and residence permit may vary, as well as a list of requirements for applicants to travel to Poland. With the help of professionals in the migration matters, you can significantly reduce your time and financial expenditures and receive legal guarantees that will allow you to be sure of legitimacy of your staying abroad. Cooperation with representatives of the Polish side will also allow you to plan your rent / purchase of real estate, transfer of personnel to Poland and their training, organize searching for business partners and quickly adapt to the new environment.

If you have any specific questions on the topic of immigration in Poland, please contact our specialists.


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