Business immigration to Poland, with establishment of LLC

Today, the business-immigration to Poland is important not only for entrepreneurs but also for the people who have never had any business. The pursuit of financial independence and stability is what brings together many businessman who choose to travel abroad for personal self-fulfillment. Setting up a company in Poland and obtaining an employment contract in your own private enterprise is the most independent way to legally settle down in the EU, as well as obtain a residence permit in Poland and a permanent place of residence. The reliability of this method lies in the lack of risk of rejection, or being deceived, as it sometimes happens in case of employment in an unknown Polish company.

Business immigration in Poland and the registration of the residence permit.

The simplicity immigration in Poland of the procedure and short terms of documents review provide for going abroad just within a month and initiating the development of your business, as well as adaptation in the new country. Moreover, the entire procedure from the beginning to the end can be carried out without your personal presence in Poland, under a power of attorney. An optimal format for doing business in Poland is the legal form of LLC (limited liability company), which allows foreign businessmen to obtain the maximum benefits for their startup:

  • LLC in Poland provides for a large selection of business fields;
  • The minimum capital of the company is only 1200 euro;
  • Co-founders do not bear personal financial responsibility, they are responsible only with their shares within the capital of the company;
  • Unimpeded cooperation with the EU countries (filing of additional permits is not required);
  • You get a Polish business visa and residence permit in Poland;
  • The authorized fund can be composed of property or securities;
  • Co-founders can be represented by a few people;
  • If desired, a LLC in Poland can be sold as a ready-made business;
  • Unlike other legal forms of doing business, LLC in Poland allows you to work in the sector of excise goods.

Required steps for business immigration to Poland 

The following is required for the registration:

  • To determine a business activity;
  • To choose a name for the company;
  • Copies of passports of the founder/founders and board members;
  • Information about the place of residence of the founder/founders and board members;
  • Information on distribution of the shares of the company;

The process of registering a new LLC in Poland includes the following stages:

  • Elaboration of the company’s charter 
  • Preparation of the constitutive act
  • Translation of the documents by a sworn translator
  • Certification of the constitutive act by a Polish notary
  • Registration in the state register of entrepreneurs (KRS)
  • Assignment of number (REGON)
  • Assignment of the tax number (NIP)
  • Assignment of the number of VAT payer
  • Opening a bank account
  • Opening of a legal address
  • Production of a corporate seal
  • Payment of all state fees

Setting up a LLC in Poland will allow you to experience complete freedom of action in the implementation of business ideas, because when you open your business in accordance with all clauses of the applicable law, you become a full-fledged business entity within the EU.


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