Company registration in Poland - quickly and professionally

In search of a rational investment or a strategy for business expansion, business immigration to the EU becomes a universal solution for the majority of entrepreneurs. For the Asians, in particular, registration of a company in Poland is an opportunity to do business under cost-effective and sustainable conditions, with minimal risks and tax expenditures.

Company registration in Poland is also interesting for Asian entrepreneurs within the context of joining the European business community. This process is mutually beneficial for both parties (both emigrants and Poland); therefore the Polish government actively supports large- and small-scale businesses, including the foreign one, considering it a stream of financial investments that works for the benefit of the economy. The foreigners who own commercial companies in Poland are entitled to be partially compensated for their costs through the VAT return, work under favorable franchising terms, purchase real estate and transport for statutory purposes on favorable conditions. Company registration in Poland also allows you to get the residence permit, easily travel with your business visa across the EU countries, go to the best European universities and count on the permanent residence status in the future.

Given the loyalty and openness of the Polish state to Asian immigrants, as well as accessibility of exit procedures, it still requires a thorough professional approach. With the participation of Oruga Group experts, registration of a company in Poland will take a minimum of time for you - about five days in the electronic mode (registration in the register of enterprises exclusive of VAT) and about a month in case of  notary legalization (turnkey). In order to optimize time expenditures, you need to determine the format of your activities in Poland on the initial stage. The most popular legal form for today is a limited liability company.

Company registration in Poland is popular due to several reasons:

A huge number of up-to-date immigration providers use illegal ways to implement the client’s objectives and their activity is not always licensed; therefore the immigrant might face not only the loss of money but also deportation. When you address to us for help, you have increased guarantees as you collaborate directly with a migration representative of Poland.

How to register a company in Poland: steps and costs 

  • To register a company in Poland, you should:
  • Have a foreign passport with extended period of validity;
  • Be detailed in the choice of the type of activity;
  • Prepare an application for licensing of your business (if required, it shall be submitted after registration of company);
  • Prepare information about founders of the business;
  • Develop Articles of Association of the company in Polish;
  • Rent a legal address;
  • We provide our customers with comprehensive support and timely information at all stages of interaction.

The cost of the company registration in Poland depends on the selected type of business organization (Ltd or partnership, community branch, etc.). The simplest form of foreign business shall be about 500 euros, and other legal forms are about 1300-1500 euros or more, depending on complexity of the task (not including legal address and translation of documents).

In addition to registration of a company from scratch, we also offer you the service of purchase and sale of ready-made Polish companies, including premises or staff; with a proven positive history and competitive position in the Polish market; as well as issuing of various licenses.

You can get more detailed information on all the issues of business in Poland by an online request, by phone or directly at our head office in Warsaw

Company Registration in Poland includes;

  • development of Articles of Association, selection of economic activities
  • registration of individual tax reference number, NIP
  • registration of statistical number, REGON
  • VAT payer registration VAT + VAT EU 
  • consulting at all stages of company registration
  • opening a bank account, personal and corporate PLN, EURO, $
  • authorized capital tax, PCC
  • development and production of corporate seal
  • all payments and duties

The cost of company registration in Poland is from 1300 euros; please consult our specialists in the Warsaw office for more detailed information.
Online registration of company in Poland takes 4-5 working days, an extract from Krajowy Rejestr Sądowy.
All the additional documents can be obtained within10 working days.
You can also register your company in Poland by virtue of a power of attorney without your personal presence, both notarially and electronically.


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