Poland business and opportunities for foreigners 

A great number of foreign business-immigrants from all over the world want to do  business in Poland, as there are convenient conditions for life, study and work. However, before setting up business in Poland it`s necessary to know exactly, what kind of persons are allowed to conduct commercial activity in Poland on an equal footing with the local population, and which category of foreigners has limitations at that point. According to the Act on freedom of commercial activity in Republic of Poland, only the persons, who meet the following requirements can implement individual entrepreneurship without restrictions:

  •  immigrants with Pole`s Card
  •  people, who have EU - resident status 
  •  foreigners with temporary/permanent residence permit
  •  refugees

Another categories of foreigners have a certain limits of commercial activity in Poland, namely, at the legislative level, they are allowed to conduct their activity only in such forms as:

  • Limited partnership
  • Limited – Joint Stock Company
  • LLC
  • Joint stock company

How to do business in Poland: advices from professionals

If you are wondering, how to open a company in Poland, so with the assistance of professionals it is very easy and comfortable. Taking into account all sorts of innovations of Polish law, our specialists will provide you with a full range of services for the creation or purchase of a new business, oriented to suit your needs.  We can offer the widest Poland business directory with different variants of biz.

In order to set up a business it usually takes from ten to thirty days and the availability of money in the amount of 900 euros. From the start of the biz in Poland, foreign businessman may be able to issue a residence permit.

Сhoosing the format for your business you need to determine the most suitable and profitable for your specific business niche. All legal forms of business ( limited community, limited - Joint community, corporation, LLC and other) have their advantages and disadvantages. 

When you chose the most suitable format of your biz and decided how to do business, it is also important to take into account the niceties of tax, since foreign companies pay the value added tax. To date there are four taxation rates - Main 23%, decreased 8%( medicines, plants, passenger transportation, hotel service), 5%( ready meal, groceries) and 0%(medical services, education services, as well as the export of goods). The ratal of the tax depends on the form of biz and the specific of a good/service, that you have chosen. Declaration to the tax entity are served each month, but in some cases this procedure must be done once a quarter.

Registration of the company in Poland gives a lot of benefits,  that is why entrepreneurs choose this country for realization of all kinds of business goals. These include:

  • • There is a possibility for liquid firms to get returnable/non-returnable subsidies;
  • • There are no territorial and social difficulties for doing business;
  • • You have an opportunity to buy property in a profitable way;
  • • Stability and economic growth – as a guarantee of your prosperous life;
  • • Firm registration needs small charter capital;
  • •  The chance to participate in credit programs with lower rates of EU banks;
  • • A chance to get a residence permit and to enjoy all the privileges available to EU people.

To get more information about how to do business in Poland, you can contact us for consultation by the phone call, or e-mail.


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