Business immigration to Poland or a simple way to obtain citizenship in the EU

The Republic of Poland is an economically developed country with a healthy political atmosphere and well thought out laws, so business immigration in Poland is a sure way to stability, development and comfortable conditions for entrepreneurship. The policy of country is aimed at creating comfortable conditions for attracting foreign investments. And it is successfully carried out, since it allows non-residents, simply and legally, to open firms and honestly conduct their commercial activities on whole EU territory.

Benefits of business immigration to Poland as a way to obtain temporary residence permit (TRP)

The registration of a temporary status or TRP in a European state is always accompanied by a good reason. Whether, it's training, work or marriage with a citizen of immigration state. The organization of business: investing foreign capital and creating jobs is no less significant reason to temporary residence permits issuance.

The option of business immigration to Poland is maximally simplified and low-budget. In practice, the term to processing temporary registration in this country can take from 5 to 6 months. The average cost of TRP through business immigration in Poland will be from 5000 €. This is if enterpriser uses the services of a consulting company. In case of self-registration of temporary status, money may require less, but more personal time. In addition, entrepreneurs will have the following advantages:

  • possibility of obtaining loans with low rates and keeping their savings in most reliable banks in Europe;
  • free trips to the Schengen Zone;
  • obtaining resident status after 5 years, provided that enterpriser will be abroad not more than 10 months during the whole period, moreover, a single trip should not exceed 6 months

If citizenship in the EU is the goal, then the way of emigration to Poland through business is one of simplest for achieving it.

Procedure to registration of the permanent residence status in Poland through business immigration

  • A businessman with an initiative to open his company in Poland must pass the registration procedure.
  • Founder of the company needs to obtain a work permit in the Office of Labor after registration of enterprise. This document gives the right to issue a temporary status or a (karta pobytu). This procedure is easier than with labour emigration in case of entrepreneurship. The company director receives provincial permit for up to 2 years. When finishing the first document term, permit can be extended for another 3 years.
  • Founder can file documents with the initiative of obtaining citizenship after 5 years of permanent residence in Poland. If an entrepreneur has lived 5 years in the country and confirmed existence of a regular source of income, then he has every chance to become a resident of this European Republic.

Today founder it isn't required to go through the whole procedure on his own. It’s worth asking for quality assistance from professionals. Oruga Group is a consulting company whose employees are able to provide qualified legal assistance in company formation and acquisition of EU citizenship.


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