LLC company formation in Poland

Lately, Poland became very popular among foreign investors. Businessmen can choose between different types of legal entities. The most popular ones are:

  • Limited Liability Company
  • Limited Partnership

Other types which are less popular among foreign investors but are in-demand among Polish businessmen are:

  • Joint Stock Company 
  • Joint Stock Limited Partnership

Foreigners can have the latter ones as well.

How to register LLC in Poland

In this article, we are going to talk about LLC which is the most widespread and the most in-demand form of business. Here are the steps you should do to get this type of legal entity:

1. Select your company name. It should not be the same as of any other firm in Poland, so please check whether there is no other company with the same name before registering.

2. Choose the registration address. This is also very important since you will have to submit different documents for licensing, to tax authorities and other authorities in the same region of Poland. Plus, your registration address (maybe the city only) should be placed in the Articles of Association.

3. Sign the company Articles of Association. You can choose two forms: notary deed OR electronic form.

4. Submit documents to the national court register. Important: you should submit these files in the same form as Articles of Association. This means that if you signed the Articles in the form of notary deed, you should submit the documents in a hard copy. 

It will take about 3 to 5 weeks to form a company in Poland. Once the company is registered, it will get a NIP number (tax authority number) and REGON number (statistic identification number).

5. After all the documents are ready, you need to open an account in a bank. You should do this step by yourself. Majority of banks is Poland will not open a bank account based on a Power of Attorney.

6. Apply for VAT number (helps to reduce VAT taxes) and R/UE number (helps to do trading activities). However, these are not obligatory.

Company formation in Poland through notary registration, can be achieved remotely, without shareholder's personal presence, on the basis of power of attorney.

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