The license in Poland – how to make your business legal and successful

Despite the fact that Polish law is renowned for its loyalty and transparency, foreigners may require additional permits for starting a some business project. Depending on the type of commercial activity and the categories of goods and services, state regulatory authorities may require from the businessman a proper license. Types of licenses in Poland are presented by 5 types of documents, such as: There are more than 300 types of requiring licenses, permits, concessions activities.

  • Concession is one of permissive documents, focused on those areas of economic activities, which are part of the state monopoly. You'll need to get the permit if your activity involves, for example, the extraction of energy resources, production of military accoutrements and weapons, transportation, activities for the protection of people and property, as well as television and radio media;

  • License is one of the permissive documents, without which it is impossible to realize such business lines as: railway and road transport (both within the country and abroad), financial management, reorganization and liquidation of companies;

  • The resolution in fact is not a subspecies of the licensed document, but serves its analogue. Permission is required for those types of employment, that are subject to special control of the Polish state, for example: gambling, alcohol sales, brokerage activity, banking and insurance activities, manipulations associated with utilities (sewer, waste disposal, water-supply), etc.;

  • Consent is a type of a document, which is necessary for persons engaged particularly in financial sector. It is used for the harmonization of systems of transaction and procedure for the calculation of turnover with securities;

  • The registry like the resolution is not a subtype of licenses, but in concept also performs a regulatory role. Some types of organizations are not able to carry out their legitimate activities without recording them in special registers, for example: travel agencies, recruitment companies, currency exchange offices, postal services, educational institutions, etc.

The Oruga Group company provides its customers professional assistance in obtaining licenses of any complexity, acting in the interests of the customer and within the law. The registration of licenses in Poland with the participation of a professional will save you time and money, get rid of the standard bureaucracy, and most importantly – it will give a guarantee and confidence in the positive resolution of the issue. You can contact our specialists for advice in order to obtain a license in Poland, prolong it, or to figure out any details regarding this procedure.

Is it necessary to have a license for private persons?

All of the above licenses and permissive documents operating in Poland are provided for legalization of small or large business. If you are planning to emigrate to Poland as a qualified specialist, without establishing your own business, you have to remember that employment in certain industries is also thoroughly regulated by the state the same way they regulate large corporate companies, but, of course, on a completely different level. In this case, analogous obtaining a license in Poland will be a proof of your professional skills. Such a measure is necessary if you apply for a job:
  • as a doctor (including dental and veterinary practices)
  • as a nurses, midwives
  • as a lawyer and legal advisor
  • as an auditor
  • as a bailiff.

How to obtain a license in Poland with Oruga Group

Considering the number of nuances in getting of Polish license, certainly it may seem that this idea is a tedious and not entirely justified. But this is false representation about Polish law because Poland is a European country, which primarily aims at effective and well-coordinated and functioning system, in other words, it is striving to order. Therefore, there are cases when obtaining a license and opening a business in Poland for a foreigner is easier and more profitable than at home. 

In order to have your own business project started as early as possible, don't forget to legalize it in advance and buy a license in Poland just in time. You can get more information about business emigration and check the current prices on license in Poland.

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