Professionals in Polish Law

The polish lawyer is among the most demanded professions. The scope of services legal firms provide became more varied due to increasing complexity of Poland legislation.

Legal support is an integral part of the everyday business activity. It's hard to imagine a business area where a lawyer is not needed. Purchase and sales of goods and assets, delivery contracts, employment contracts, and various relationships with state regulators.
Advocate services are required not so often yet these services are mandatory for people and companies in complicated situations. Thus, before using their services seek information about their activity as well as customers reviews. Administrative legal process may take several years, and experienced lawyers can reduce this term by several times.

What services polish legal firms provide

Oruga Group lawyers provide a whole range of legal services for corporate customers and individuals, regardless of company's size and scope of their activity:

1. Business formation. Company registration is the first step for business commences in Poland, and investors who are not familiar with Polish company law may have some issues even at this stage. We help our clients to find the appropriate company type, as well as provide all registration procedures with power of attorney.

2. Ready-made company purchase. This is a popular solution for busy entrepreneurs. Company re-registration only takes 1-2 days, and business activity might be provided immediately after that term.

3. Company reorganizations. Mergers and acquisitions are complex stages of company transformation, and this process became quite often last years. Our lawyers make all possible to remain reorganized companies more successful and profitable than they were.

4. Direct investment. Private Equity rules are changing constantly and rapidly, and to be successful investor everyone has to know these rules. Or confide to professionals from law firms in Poland and let them find the best way for investment.

5. Wealth management. That's very important area of our activity, and we provide full support for peoples and companies who want to preserve and multiply their assets.

6. Immigration issues. Foreign entrepreneurs may have some troubles with their stay in Poland. We help to obtain residency permits and stay legally in Poland for so long as it required. We also have an efficient solution for people to become Polish citizen in the shortest terms.

7. Taxes. Polish taxation is not very complicated, yet everyone will have big troubles in the case of tax evasion and avoidance, and better to prevent such violation than to deal with them.

8. Insolvency. Our lawyers can offer a solution that solves individual's and company's debt problems in the best way.

Reliable partner

Oruga Group has the international network of legal firms, including professionals in the polish company and individual law, and can offer the best solution for any of your legal problems. Contact us to get full legal support in Poland.


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