Investment immigration – Europe at the top

Nowadays Europe keeps the world money. In EU, investment immigration is a very common thing, as a result of governments numerous procedures for investment climate improvement. Since Poland is EU member, it provides effective invest policy as well. According to analitic reports, Poland is on the top of the best countries for investment.

Investor immigration to Europe

Investors aim not only investing some money into little Polish companies, but they immigrate to this country and become the new Polish citizens when following certain legal procedures. Polish government provides lots of tax incentives for investors, and these activities stimulate money to flow into this prospective EU country. This type of policy makes immigration by investment in Europe remain popular year by year.

Poland ranked the 5th in the “Top 20 destination countries by FDI projects” in 2017. Foreigners invest funds into new company foundation, and that’s why Poland ranked the 2nd in “Top 20 countries by FDI job creation”. Foreign companies created more than 86 000 job positions in Poland in 2017.

Poland flourishes and you may become one of the entrepreneurs who builds a new life in the ambitious European country.

Assistance in investment immigration

Immigration is a long and complex process, and investment immigration is taking much more time and effort. Thus, people who try to make their first immigration investment to European country or who had some experience but not sure of success, need somebody to make all required actions in the shortest time.

We have numerous examples of fruitful foreign investment projects, and our clients became successful European business people due to our help with their investment immigration to Poland and other European countries as well. Our consulting experts have years of experience in creating effective investment programs and projects.

Contact us to conduct your investment immigration today.


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