Invest in Europe Today

If you have some extra money you probably seek to find a place where to invest in Europe as one of the richest and most prospective regions on the Earth. European countries have a wealth of experience in investment and can grow your money by several times per a quite short time.

You hardly can invest money to many countries. Thus, you probably look for the most convenient country there you may invest. We advise you to attempt investment in countries of Eastern Europe first, particularly in Poland. 

How to invest in Europe

Experienced investors have a numerous reason for why they want invest in Europe: European countries have the largest economy in the world. Europe is very rich in human and financial resources, and for centuries they were the best investment objects for money growth. 

For novice investors, who want to make their first investment in Europe, it would be better to choose Poland as a safe place for this purpose. Any country from EU has its own strengths, its own industries that develop rapidly. But Poland has a comprehensive approach for an evolution of the efficient investment environment. 

Polish government provides the tax deductions and special programs for the investors all over the country, not only in special economic zones. Experts from Ernst&Young consider that today Poland is the best country in the region for foreign investment. It achieved 5th place in the EU investment attractiveness rating.

The great advantage of an investment in Poland property is their cheapness (an average apartment in Warsaw costs around 50 000 EUR), rapid return on investment and opportunity to provide an accelerated procedure of a residence permit obtaining.

There are two main best ways for investment in Poland: purchasing of the real estate or establishment of business there. You can request the investment companies in Europe to find an appropriate investment object, but they mainly specialize in big money and large objects. You may contact us to choose the smaller object; our lawyers are skilled in a real property buying and company formation in Poland.

European investment with Oruga Group support

Our specialists can give you a full service related to investment issues in Poland:

  • we search investment objects; 
  • provide an audit of the chosen object; 
  • our experts valuate the object; 
  • we calculate projected income; 
  • provide translator services on negotiations; 
  • help with agreement conclusion; 
  • provide legal services.

Investment in Europe is not difficult with Oruga Group. We guarantee legality and clean title to the real estate and other investment objects. Contact us to become a European investor!


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