Why Invest in Poland

Making investment decisions is always difficult and it requires a lot of concentration. Even in the last century, information about possible investment areas was of great importance. Nowadays, these parameters are crucial for assessing competitiveness and business leaders continue to take into account many factors when choosing.

This article describes and assesses the entire list of factors that are in principle relevant to the community in an international scale. The data are publicly available and were obtained from the Polish communes, so there is no doubt about their quality. Given their impressive number, the investment suitability of the commune is beyond doubt.

You can learn more from the section “Why invest in Poland?” It contains data for international investors who want to get data about Poland as an interesting place for their future business.

Several reasons why Poland is the best country to invest

Reasons for investing

The last 25 years have been very profitable and promising for the Polish economy. Right after the end of democratization, which began in 1989, the Polish leadership adopted the common market economic principles. Since then, the reforms began. Why was this done? The reforms helped protect private property and create loyal conditions for business in Poland.

This has had a positive effect on the general situation: the long-term consequences of such a policy can be seen everywhere. Today, Poland is a large shopping center, as well as a financial and tourist center. There is also economic growth; the standard of living becomes higher. For a quarter of a century, the country has safely turned into a prosperous land and continues to evolve.

Poland is a part of the European Union, the country’s economy is full of free trade. Poland is developing and growing economically, attracting investors from everywhere, especially to the capital city. Warsaw can be called a new European multicultural center.

You have a chance to become a part of the history of Poland and invest in it today! Invest in your future with us.

Educated labor

In Poland, today there are more than 400 educational institutions, so the country can be safely called an educational center. The total number of students in the country is 1.3 million. Moreover, the level of higher education among young people under the age of 34 is 43.5%, which is a very high indicator. Poland is inhabited by a young society and has begun its path relatively recently, especially in comparison with most European countries. Therefore, your company can easily earn and join this team. However, higher education isn’t the only reason. This also applies to the abilities of the workforce. For example, Polish school children work much better in many areas, including science, math, and some others.

Economic performance and its strength

As mentioned, Poland’s economy has been raising for a quarter of a century. We can say that this is the only European economy that could avoid a recession during the global crisis. From 1990 to 2016, it grew very rapidly, being the first in the world according to UN statistics. As analysts say, it is going to increase by 4.6% this year. Today Poland is on the third place in terms of growth rate. Moreover, macroeconomic stability is also impressive here; the inflation rate in the country is only 2.5%. Even the value of the state debt of Poland is significantly lower than the established value from the European Union and amounts to 50.8%.

Business environment

One of Poland's main pluses is in the TOP-30 best ones in the whole world, its place is 27th, which is pretty impressive. The source assesses the rules of doing business, in particular, running a business, obtaining various permits, tax payments, etc. Poland is a member of the EU, a stable country with unified laws. Poland is not a part of the Eurozone but enters the united market and has opportunities for free trade. Therefore, trade in Poland goes far over the limits of the local market and extends to the entire EU market. In 2017, Poland was the third largest country that invests in Europe. The index of venture capital and polish private capital locates on 25th place.

Inexpensive logistics

This country’s economy has received a big boost in the latest couple of years. However, Poland remains a pretty cheap field for investment due to the youth of the country’s economic market. Prices for property are as well much lower compared to other countries. Even residential real estate in Poland is much cheaper than in the rest of Europe. Comparing prices, it can be noted that the average cost per square meter in Poland is 1,200 Euros, in Germany – 3,000 Euros, in France – 4,000 Euros. The unemployment rate here is much lower than the average. The level of education is high. The average salary is 1,140 euros.

Transport infrastructure

Poland has successfully improved the transport network quality lately. This was made possible by simplifying and cheapening commodity logistics, both within and outside the country. Highways on the territory of Poland stretch for more than 3,500 km; this figure is in the 6th place. This is not the end of construction: 1,000 km are still in the plans of the government. The railway is also subject to change, it’s done to increase the average speed and rise the communication with the ports. The focus is on the development of the transport network and an intermodal terminals amount increase. Accordingly, these terminals offer inter-modality. Today, such shipments make up 6% of the total. For most enterprises, it has become more convenient to organize their own logistics processes, so investments began to grow more actively. Polish ports received their share of attention through investment, which made them more suitable for processing commodity volumes. Today the port of Gdansk is in the TOP-20 of the biggest European ports. The port received such status due to availability and the ability to receive large container ships.

Geographical position

Poland is in the center of Europe, it has many intersections of transport corridors in different directions. Thanks to this, Poland has access to closer markets. The country is located near Russia and Germany, so many ports connect Poland with other countries. Moreover, it is an eastern state geographically (the easternmost in the EU) and located on the so-called ‘New Silk Road’. The country’s location brings it closer to Asia in economic terms, and, as is known, the Asian economy is developing very rapidly.

Data importance

The data presented here touches many topics that are important for investors. In a close economic world, everyone strives for mobility and is looking for new directions for the implementation of own activities. Local specialists, however, tell that even outside Poland, the communes are excellent for different types of investments.

What is the best EU country to invest in?

The data communities in Poland gave allow collecting and analyzing what directly affects the attractiveness of Poland for investors. For example, the availability of land, premises, simple conditions for entering the market. Besides, access to water and such necessary thing as electricity is important – this affects long-term economic efficiency. The goal of our team is to share such info with all investors, to help everyone who wants to find the perfect project for investments. International experts based on the data determine, which direction will be the most profitable.


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