Warsaw the city of Startups

Warsaw is the magnet city for business, startups, and entrepreneurs. The number of entrepreneurs who are moving to Poland in order to find new business and investment opportunities is rising rapidly.  Thanks to the great location, Warsaw is considered as one of the best cities for business in the EU.
Stabil economy and well-educated labor attract more and more international investors to come to Poland and develop their businesses.

Currently, there are many available programs which support entrepreneurs on all stages. Startup ecosystem in Poland is developing and growing, and that’s why many international entrepreneurs decide to set up their businesses there. Another reason that attracts entrepreneurs from abroad is a high quality of living and rich culture.

In order to help people to explore all business opportunities in the European Union and in Poland as well, there are organized many international business conference. One of the best conferences in the Central Europe is the European Business & Investment Summit. The conference gathers foreign and local entrepreneurs, creating the best platform for high-networking opportunity in CEE region.

City of Culture

Greater interest in Warsaw began to be observed after the European football championship 2012. This interest remained both tourist and business.  More than six million people visited Warsaw last year. It is very clearly visible and audible when you see tourists speaking Spanish, Italian, French, and other languages.

Within the last few years, Poland has become even more cosmopolitan country, respecting different cultures, and traditions. Foreigners living in Poland admire a mix of history and modern architecture. And also, an affordable living cost for everybody.


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