Venture Capital in Poland

Interesting thoughts from Venture Capitals were said during the 6th European Business & Investment Summit!

Business Director in Europe of Singaporean Venture Capital Expara - Paulina Białek advises to be honest with investors. Instead of saying that you're perfect, better say you failed, so investors will see that you have learned from the previous mistakes.

Also, you should think about the business model. Venture Capitals want to earn, they are looking for profitable ideas to invest. Something that will make profits for them. Unfortunately, many startup founders in order to create a unicorn, forget about the business model. However, it is one of the most important things when you decide to run a company. Don't forget to think about how your startup will get money.

According to the statistics, the most successful startup founders are about 40-45 years. These people worked for other people, for many other projects for many years. And only then, after they gathered enough experience, they decided to start a company.

"Sometimes it's better to wait, but don't wait for too long," - says Jernej Adamic, Co-Founder & CEO of Zenodys.

What else do you think Venture Capitals pay attention while thinking about investing money? 


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