The 2nd Tower of The Warsaw HUB is to be Erected

The construction of the Warsaw HUB (formerly known as Sienna Towers and further referred to as the HUB or WHUB) began in 2016 and is expected to be fully completed by the end of the first quarter of 2020 (previously, it was expected in late 2019). It is being built near to Rondo Daszyńskiego subway station in Warsaw (Wola district, plac Europejski 1), Poland. The developer is Ghelamco company and this is currently the biggest construction site in the entire country. Not only business tenants win from obtaining a new workplace to dwell in but also all residents of the city may find the HUB a nice place for leisure.

The project will be topping 130 meters and include three towers embraced by one complex, in which there will be such:

  • 6-floor underground parking lot (pacing with time, it will be equipped with charging stations for electro mobiles)
  • The 5-storey foundation that consists of 4 above-the-ground floors and one under the ground, which connect all three towers together smoothly
  • two hotels situated in one smaller tower, which are already decided to be occupied by Crowne Plaza hotel (which is going to open in Poland for the first time) and Holiday Inn Express hotel, which altogether give 430 rooms for its guests to stay
  • convenience center, in which residents of the city will be able to have a snack, make purchases & have a rest, which will be connected with a direct underground passage with its nearest subway station Rondo Daszyńskiego
  • fitness center Zdrofit
  • Biedronka supermarket
  • art gallery
  • communication and leisure center on the roof, equipped with furniture ideal for business brunches and working meetings
  • the parking lot for over 400 bicycles, equipped separately from the car parking facility (as there are many cycling lines nearby the HUB or in its surroundings). The cyclists are offered change rooms with showers, which largely increases the attractiveness of the WHUB for those workers of tenants who will get on their daily job on bicycles
  • closeness to city trams, bus stops & other transport hubs like urban railway
  • food courts and restaurants like McDonald’s, Olimp & others
  • Rossmann drugstore.

Apart from places available for everyone, there will be headquarters of at least two big financial institutions: Standard Chartered’s global business services center and Bank ‘Getin Noble’.

The HUB offers over 75 thousand meters of areas for office tenants, which comprise of open-air areas, negotiation rooms & co-working facilities. The latter is partially embraced by ‘The Heart Warsaw’ (2,000 meters) – an organization that provides co-working services to business in Warsaw, Poland. The rest of the co-working area has 5,000 meters.

Electric power of the HUB is provided by three independent power sources but tenants are allowed to install their own generators if necessary.

The WHUB’s first tower was completed in May 2019 & the second one will be done in July 2019. To complete the entire work on time, the glass paneling on the entire surface of the building is being installed in parallel to other construction works. Finishing works in the interior of the building are expected to be started soon and to be done in all three towers simultaneously to allow finishing the entire work scope in early 2020.


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