The Partnership of Poland and African States Has Great Prospects

The Partnership of Poland and African States Has Great Prospects According to the head of the Polish Ministry of Foreign Affairs, the African Free Trade Area, which is now in the process of implementation, will provide great opportunities for cooperation between Poland and the continent.
Zbigniew Rau said this during his speech at the 2nd African Conference "Africa - Directions for Development", which took place in Poland in the city of Lodz.

The minister said that the prerequisites for a successful partnership are the great demand on the Black Continent for technology and new knowledge, as well as a noticeably greater youth of the population than in the European Union. The minister believes that the partnership between Africa and the European Union will be significantly improved and become more effective and mutually beneficial, thanks to such an economic innovation for Africa as a free trade zone.

This will give Polish businesses more opportunities to work and make a profit, while African states will be able to receive assistance in such areas as infrastructure projects, high-tech, green technologies and waste recycling, construction, transport and others. In addition to business prospects, the countries of the continental free zone within the framework of humanitarian programs will receive humanitarian assistance from the countries of the European Union, including Poland, the UN and volunteer organizations.


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