The Biggest Railway Sector Investment in Poland 

The National Railway Program is the largest railway sector investment in the history of Poland associated with the development of the railway network. Currently, it's also the largest investment program in European Union.

More than 200 train stations around Poland will be renovated by the end of 2023. This is the main goal of the biggest railway sector investment in Poland. The Polish government is planning to spend around 1,5 billion PLN for the infrastructure development.

Modernization of train stations in small cities in Poland will give convenience for allowing traveling around the country by train without any problems.

Also, the development of the Polish transport connections will affect on developing of local businesses. In small towns, railways stations play a key role in the region's development. Therefore, this will help small places to grow.

Thanks to the great location, Poland provides a good connection between East and West Europe. Investing money into developing a railway system is a great chance to grow the importance of Poland in the international arena. In addition, this is a great business opportunity.


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