Tesla to Build Factory in Germany

Recently, Elon Musk announced the news about the construction of a new factory in Germany for the production of Tesla in Europe.  The choice fell on Berlin.

For Poles, Musk's decision is a great opportunity for business development. Although, Tesla's new factory will not be locating in Poland, it’s still great chance for Polish entrepreneurs to cooperate with Tesla. Due to the great location and good business relationship between Poland and Germany, Polish based companies has many chances to work with Elon Musk.

Tesla Inc. managers will be looking for the most profitable options for developing production. It’s well-known fact, that prices in Poland are lower than in neighbour Germany. Also, the quality is maintained at the same level.

From the nearest major Polish city of Poznan to Berlin just 3.5 hours by car. From the city of Szczecin  is around 2 hours by car, and from Warsaw to Berlin around 6 hours.

The beginning of construction of the Tesla factory in Germany will be started no sooner than 2021.


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