Starting a business in Poland

Starting a business in Poland is not an easy task. You need to be well acquainted with Polish law and its intricacies, get all the relevant licenses and bank accounts, and this is by no means a complete list. First, you should get acquainted with all the steps that must be taken to create a business. It is worth noting that the stages that we will list in this article relate to the traditional way of starting a business in Poland. At the moment, there is another way to register a company - electronic, and it is very different from the traditional one.

Our article does not touch on various subjective stages, such as thinking about what type of company to choose or thinking about the schematic interaction of shareholders with each other in the future. We will describe the technical steps that every entrepreneur must take before they have the right to legally do business in Poland.

If you do not find enough of our technical steps, we recommend that you also read additional materials on how to start a business in Poland.

Step 1 - Polish limited liability company's articles of association

The first step in creating any business in Poland is to sign the articles of the association, or, in some cases, to sign the incorporation tool. (Usually, it is signed if a sole proprietorship with limited liability is created)

In order for the above documents to take effect, they must be notarized. Therefore, in this case, be prepared for the fact that you will have to find a good notary.

Step 2 - Depositing share capital of Polish company

The next step involves the formation of the company's share capital.

Usually, this process looks like nothing more than replenishing a bank account with a certain amount of money. Also, in some cases there is an acquisition of ownership by the company being established (for example, ownership of the territory on which the production or office premises of the business will be located) or ownership of movable property (usually transport).

Step 3 - Appointing a management board in Poland

In order to set up a company in Poland, you will need to elect a management board. You can do this in one of the following ways.

The first way you can elect a board of directors is to make a decision that will lead to a general meeting of shareholders. This decision does not need to be notarized.

The second way is at the personal will of the founder, if the articles about the association state that the founders have the right to dispose of those who will be members of the management board.

It is also very important to set up a supervisory board and an audit committee if you want these two structures to operate within your company. We encourage you to find more material on when to create a supervisory board is a must.

Step 4 - Filing a registration application with the Company Register in Poland

To legalize the activities of your future company, you need to enter data about it in the National Court Register. To do this, you need to apply to this institution. You will need to add several necessary documents to the application.

There are also several technical aspects to this. You need to publish the fact of founding a company in NRC in the MSiG - the Court and Commercial Gazette. This step can be done independently by you and the registry court, but for this you need to pay a certain fee.

Step 5 - Obtain other permits in Poland

The last stage of founding a company involves obtaining permits to conduct your business, as well as assigning your company the appropriate activity codes.

Some of this is automatically done in the previous step, when you apply to the national court register. But not all formalities this institution will be able to fulfill. Some issues you must solve yourself.


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