Neinver is a new manager of Silesia Outlet

Silesia Outlet has a new manager in the face of Neinver. The shopping mall is expected to open in spring 2019 in Gliwice. The company 6B47 has invested in the construction. And Neinver’s task will be to manage and promote the building.

Silesia Outlet will have 20,000 sqm of space and will host more than 100 stores. By its opening in spring, the place will host the first 70 stores on more than 10,000 sqm. Also, more than 800 parking lots will be located here. It is expected that the venue will provide services to 6.5 million clients.

A representative of Neinver expressed his delight to be involved in such a project. The company has been working in Poland for 16 years operating 4 outlet centers in the country. And they hope that consumers will love Silesia Outlet as well. He also added that the company hopes to strengthen its business in Poland and continue growing on the EU market.

One of the top-managers at 6B47 said that they keep on working with the top experts in the outlet center industry in EU. The company believes that with help of Neinver, the new shopping mall will gain firm positions on the Polish market quickly. They also hope renters and clients will like the space.

It is worth mentioning that more than 70% of space in the shopping mall have already been rented by all kinds of local and foreign brands. It will be possible to buy all types of clothing for every single person here. Plenty of food courts will be situated in the building as well.


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